Into Wildlife?


Not a regular topic on the blog, but I really do love wildlife — and being out in “it”.
Although 600,000 others have seen this spell-binding video of National Geographic Paul Nicklen’s encounter with a leopard seal, I had not seen it. I have watched it a half dozen times now.
The seal reminds me of a time when Oakley the Amazing Weimaraner (TWN regulars know him) used to catch birds and bring them to me — once a duck, once a couple of pigeons, and once a dove. All survived, at least the first few flaps away from the dog.
So to lighten things up a bit as I get some other work done in Rome this evening, enjoy this clip.
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “Into Wildlife?

  1. Outraged American says:

    For even non-pet lovers, here’s a massive LAUGH: 10 Funniest
    Missing Pet Signs of All Time.
    My favorite is the guy who offers to pay for someone who finds
    it to keep his girlfriend’s cat.
    That and the one of the rat who the finder has mistaken for a
    cat, and comments that he’s “not very friendly” and is “not
    H/T the Huffington Post
    And seriously, if you need a laugh 😉 any day, Sad Pets in could cheer almost anyone up. And my dog on
    there is Winona the Wicked Witch, who is a diva on a Streisand
    level. And that when she’s in a good mood.


  2. David says:

    Fascinating video, Steve.
    Done, POA.


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    In 2005, Jamie Leigh Jones was working for a private contractor in Iraq when she was brutally gang-raped by coworkers. Four years later, Jamie is still being denied justice. Jamie can’t file U.S. criminal charges because the rape took place overseas, and a fine-print clause in her contract takes away her right to file a lawsuit in the U.S. Congress is working to protect the rights of rape victims like Jamie. But, shockingly, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is fighting it. They say that it would “set a dangerous precedent” to allow rape victims into court. I signed a petition urging the Chamber of Commerce to stop protecting rapists. Can you join me at the link below?


  4. Jackie says:

    Is Oakley still with us? It has been a while since I’ve seen a photo of the pups.


  5. Outraged American says:

    If you’re a pet lover & are bored of Steve yammering on about
    Cuba & Iran & want a real laugh go to Sad Pets in
    Our dog Winona is on the front page wearing the witches’ outfit
    we got her for guess what holiday.
    Winona, whom I call “Princess” because she’s a total diva, was
    rescued from a high kill pound in LA by a rescue organization
    called, and I kid you not, “Barkin’ Bitches” and she sure has lived
    up to that name.
    Right now Princess Winona is outside barking her head off,
    leading the pack, despite that we have a Catahoula mix who’s
    about five times her size.
    Princess Winona’s other nickname is the “Terror Terrier.” She’ll
    probably be the mastermind behind Israel’s next false flag
    attack/ WW III, and to think we’ve fed her for all these years. I’m
    suspicious as to Princess Winona’s motives because the woman
    who rescued her is an Israeli emigrant. Hmmmm….*LOOKS FOR
    When we got Princess Winona she was half the weight she
    should have been, stank from an ear infection and poor
    nutrition, and had a skin condition. You can see what she looks
    like now, not that she’s her usual Audrey Hepburn lookalike
    wearing the witchie-poo outfit, but she has cleaned up a bit.
    If you haven’t had a laugh today, this week, or this year. Or since
    Cheney began The End Times, you’ll get one from this site.
    Rescue dogs, don’t buy them (my personal plea). I’ve had 12,
    and no I’m not a horder, just 46 years old with parents who took
    in every stray, and the more muttier the dogs are the more
    personality they tended to have. If you like a breed, there are
    breed rescues, but there are so many great dogs being
    And cats — we have two amazing cats that were going to be
    euthanized the next day. One’s the dumbest thing on Earth,
    beyond Doug Feith, but so loving. The other one’s like a little
    dog, he follows me when I walk the dogs, just trots along with
    Even the Satanists next door have taken in another dog, a stray
    mutt, who is just the sweetest thing. I’d be tempted to kidnap
    him but then that voodoo doll of me they keep on their fridge
    would probably be burned at stake.
    I love all dogs and cats and it’s always a very personal decision,
    but I would suggest going to the pound and seeing all the
    tremendous animals there and the sadness in their eyes before
    going to a breeder.
    30,000 dogs and cats were euthanized last year in my county,
    not COUNTRY, COUNTY, alone.


  6. garbo says:

    I love how animals intuitively understand that modern humans are incapable of feeding ourselves if there is not a ShopRite or drive-thru nearby. When a global crisis occurs and our 72-hour supply of food runs out, will they decide to save the humans?


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