Hearing About Obama’s VP Choice


Some insiders close to Barack Obama tell me that I will hear definitively who the VP choice is before the campaign sends out its “text message” to the nation about who the vacationing candidate decides on. Who knows if they’ll come through. I’d pretty much settle on hearing who Obama definitively does not select.
That said, the campaign is offering to notify you first. . .officially. The campaign is going to send email and cell phone text messages to any who want to be on the distribution roster.
You can sign up here: http://my.barackobama.com/vpfirst
Alternatively, you can text VP to 62262 to receive a text message on your mobile phone.
Just a recommendation from The Washington Note to Team Obama: Why not send the news as a twitter comment too?
— Steve Clemons


9 comments on “Hearing About Obama’s VP Choice

  1. Kathleen says:

    Oh, Geezus H. Christ on a Handlebar… why would anyone with a brain in their head think nominating a “Hillary supporter” rather than Hillary, is going to satisy all her supporters? If so, Obama should hand out autogaraphed pacifiers, along with the potholders.
    Are Demz trying to prove that their strongest talent is shooting themselves in the foot.. tricky , really, since they have to remove their feet from their mouths first…it’s not just a question of who people will vote for, but who people will work their goddamned asses off for. Capeeesh?
    The glass ceiling for women and blacks will not be broken until they are actually elected… surely if ever there was a time when two heads are better than one, this is it. Why the hell do we have to choose between the two when we could so easilly advance the cause of both, together?
    I’m starting to feel like Gallileo here, guys, but I happen to think Obama is smart enough to do this math and has already chosen Hillary. If not, we are in deep doodoo.


  2. Mathew says:

    It has to be Hillary Clinton.
    Look at the numbers. If Obama is smart, he will too. Hillary won 17 million votes. Obama won 17.1 million (and that is not entirely accurate). The primary was in a sense almost within margin of error–and definitely a tight race in a historical sense. Those 17 million voters cannot be ignored. Granted some of them who voted for Hillary will support Obama, I am one of them–however, some may not. Obama cannot afford to lose the base.
    The amount of votes LOST by not picking Hillary will be of greater consequence than any possible “independent” votes that could be possibly gained by picking someone else. Additionally, if he takes the huge gamble of picking someone else to get those “independent” votes–the Republicans will always have an October suprise waiting…and if we have anything close to a terrorist threat (you can probably count on it from Bush hitting the panic button) it will sway the independents to McCain anyway.
    Besides, Hillary has been in politics for 35 + years…Obama has barely been in them for 6.
    Need I say more?
    Mathew Russo


  3. Jeff Kenkel says:

    Statement Issued and Released
    Statement Issued and Released on the world wide web at http://www.goclaire.4t.com
    Contact information:
    Jeff Kenkel co-chairman Honjeffkenkel@yahoo.com
    Cell 417 380 2530 or cell 417 336 9496 home
    Dear Barack Obama:
    It has to be McCaskill to win!
    1. Claire McCaskill needs to be the Vice Presidential Candidate to capture the female vote in November.
    2. As Missouri goes so goes the nation. JOHN MCCAIN 50%
    BARACK OBAMA 44% John McCain leads Barack Obama in Missouri , according to the latest Rasmussen Reports survey. When “leaners” are included in the survey, McCain leads Obama 50% to 44%. When just solid supporters are tabulated, the results changes slightly: McCain 48%, Obama 41%. Clearly Claire McCaskill as a dynamic campaigner can turn that around and help win Missouri and other states with her down home talking.
    3. To run a real campaign based on “Change” having two candidates who are outside the beltway and that have not only the feel but the real pulse of the people.
    Mr. Obama Please consider Senator McCaskill this week as you make your decision.
    Thank you and enjoy your vacation time.
    Jeff Kenkel


  4. Kathleen says:

    I got that email too…it is a way of avoiding the issue of whom to give the scoop… no favorites in the MSM?


  5. nick says:

    Twitter is so…junior high school.


  6. Dan Kervick says:

    Cute gimmick. I’m sure all those who get the text message will keep it’s contents totally secret.


  7. eberit says:

    Yawn……we are being played


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