Blockbuster Discussion Tonight on Georgia-Russia War: Simes and Holbrooke Square Off on <em>News Hour with Jim Lehrer</em>


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Dimitri Simes, President of the Nixon Center, will be paired with former Ambassador to the United Nations Richard Holbrooke on the News Hour tonight.
Margaret Warner will moderate a discussion that I think may be one of the most hard-hitting encounters framing the Russia-Georgia conflict and its implications for the US, Europe, and NATO.
The session featuring Simes, Holbrooke and Margaret Warner will start at approximately 15 minutes into the hour — or at roughly 7:15 pm EST if watching the News Hour in Washington, D.C.
— Steve Clemons


5 comments on “Blockbuster Discussion Tonight on Georgia-Russia War: Simes and Holbrooke Square Off on <em>News Hour with Jim Lehrer</em>

  1. Rob says:

    Putin – the real leader – plans to annex South
    Ossetia to Russia, using the claim Ossetians want independence from Georgia. He will use similair tactis in Azerbaijan and the Ukraine. Putin is being double standard. Chechnya wants independence from Russia but he attacked them. If Russia annexes Ossetia then Chechnya should be declared independent.
    Instead of spending money on military conquest, Putin should be spending money on decreasing Russsian poverty.


  2. Caitlyn says:

    I’m surprised by Holbrook’s presentation in that he seemed to be
    dealing with information that didn’t match with any sources outside
    of the McCain campaign and the Georgian president (which might
    be a single source). I thought Simes was far more convincing, and I
    was left very disappointed in Holbrook. I did think that Holbrook’s
    critique of the poor US diplomatic response was informative, but
    given the role the US hadapparently played in spurring Georgia
    forward, in part contributing to this debacle, I don’t think any US
    diplomat could have played a helpful role.


  3. Neo Colonial Hogwash says:

    Sorry to sound slightly democratic but shouldn’t we have some Russians and Georgians involved, and not just for show?


  4. Curious observer says:

    Warner will undoubtedly allow Holbrooke to roll over Simes in the way she allowed Max Boot to roll over Larry Korb a few weeks ago (in which Boot got a 3-to-1 airtime advantage).
    Can’t allow those pesky realists to make their points…


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