Warren Olney’s “To the Point”: Is There a New Cold War Heating Up?


This is a very interesting show I did yesterday with Warren Olney of KCRW’s “To The Point” which airs across the nation on most top tier national public radio stations.
— Steve Clemons


13 comments on “Warren Olney’s “To the Point”: Is There a New Cold War Heating Up?

  1. Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi says:

    Without having any feeling of hallucination, I would say yes, by all its apparent strategic symptoms, it seems that if not in substance but in form,there is every likely- hood to say that there is a beginning of a new cold war.


  2. Mr.Murder says:

    Bush “strongly condones” the bombing.
    Can someone translate his words to english for Dubya before he reads them, please?
    Freud meets Orwell.


  3. YY says:

    “We’re all Georgians now” = “We’re all fucked”
    Either that or McCain thinks this would show solidarity to those waiting for the calvary.
    I don’t think this or Dick’s comments would go down so well at this point. Just as well.
    It’s also just as well that Condi was on holidays as that gave Obama some excuse for not immediately pouncing on the issue. Of course had he pounced on it he would have been accused of presumptuous meddling in foreign policy.
    Thank you Steve. I thought in listening the NEDP comment about cold war logic and old cold war principles was precisely descriptive of NATO itself and American policy. There is such a willful absence of self awareness amongst the neos, that listening to much of it was quite painful.


  4. Henry says:

    CARROLL writes: “yes Steve should be on the Diane Rehm show, it’s a perfect niche for him. We should mail and suggest it.” Agree. My letter’s going out this week. Steve Clemons would be an absolutely perfect regular guest on the second hour of Friday’s Diane Rehm show. Henry.


  5. Paul Norheim says:

    Syvanen, any link to Brzezinski`s comment?
    He made a trap for the Russians in Afghanistan in 1980, advising
    Carter. The Caucasus region is also a potential quagmire, so I`m


  6. syvanen says:

    Again thanks for this corner of sanity.
    Just saw Brzezinski’s response to this crises. He is making Holbrooke look almost rational. But it illustrates the real danger coming out of this. If Brz has a single theme that could characterize his career it would be hatred of Russia. That hatred is alive and well. I fear that the old cold war feelings latent in this country could now be rekindled and we would be at it again. Certainly, our press is not helping here.
    Now only if there was a way to get Steve’s ideas out there more directly, it may help counter the building hysteria.


  7. jeff says:

    It would seem the chances for a nuclear war are getting better and
    better as the so called ruling elite around the world continue to try
    to reinstate the 19th or earlier centuries.
    It’s unfortunate that none of these people read history. They’d
    know what was coming. It isn’t going to be pretty.


  8. Carroll says:

    Excellent! and yes Steve should be on the Diane Rehm show, it’s a perfect niche for him. We should mail and suggest it.
    As for another cold war with Russia why not?
    They have plenty of oil and gas, we don’t, we are in debt up to our eyeballs, they aren’t, they have as many nukes as we do (and those are just the ones we know about if you think the FAS arms data bank is accurate), we are bogged down in two wars and a third if Israel has it’s way, they have one midget Georgia to deal with in short order, we are shoveling out borrowed money to regime change the ME, they are making business deals and money in the ME. Sounds like a winner to me.
    After listening to Steve I flipped on the TV news to hear McCain say….”We must defend the tiny country of Georgia in their fight for democracy against Russia, We are all Georgians now”.
    Gawd!….We are all Georgians now?..just like “We are all Israelis now” after 911.
    Yesterday the theme was condemning Russia’s “disproportionate response” to Georgia….these are the same folks who cheered on the Israeli bombing of Lebanon and their million cluster bomblets and refused to call them off.
    BWTTGASO..then aren’t any Americans there anyway.


  9. Henry says:

    (Comment reprinted:) I am a regular “To the Point” listener, and did catch today’s show. Steve Clemons, as always, impressed: knowledgeable, articulate, just fabulous. Agree that Warren should have given him much, much more air time. But at least Steve had the final word on his particular segment. Steve Clemons is perfect for “To the Point”: Warren should definitely invite him back. Steve would also be terrific on the second hour of Friday’s Diane Rehm Show, when they discuss international matters. Henry.


  10. Martin says:

    I like reading your blog, none of the entertainment issues here…what a relief. I like the analysis and views.
    I am foreign born and believe in the great good of the US and its people. It is sad to see that there is a candidate who could restore sense to the country, yet people are inclined to vote for John McCain. It seems that many more Americans like their lives as it is now.
    I hope this changes and to give this country credit there is a man of mixed race running for office. I applaud America too.


  11. Caitlyn says:

    Perhaps the problems with Russia are the result of having our own
    policies crafted by people who feel more comfortable with Russia
    as an opponent than as a partner. How else to explain a policy that
    pushed NATO into countries on the Russian frontier and tried to
    install military bases on Russia’s southern flank? Just the hint that
    Venezuela might support Russia is enough to drive some
    Americans into a tizzy, so policy makers must have recognized a
    similar concern on the part of Russian strategic planners when
    arming and encouraging military power in the border states.
    I imaging that John McCain is breathing a sign of relief – at last, an
    enemy he can believe in!


  12. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Its amazing how far from grace we have fallen in seven years. The tremendous sense of patriotism and purpose shared by Americans after the crimes of 9/11, and the outpouring of global support from nations far and wide…
    Squandered. Pissed away by these God damned criminals in Washington. The nation divided as never before, and a world community looking upon us in disdain.
    Welcome to Bushworld. If there’s any one truth that we can count on, its that Bush and Cheney will manage to make this situation worse.


  13. Pending Commenter says:

    Your blog is increasingly sophisticated and a pleasure to read and travel through.
    It’s like an ever improving piece of sculpture, the art of politics.
    Thanks for the Warren Olney link.


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