Salutations on Yom Kippur and a Great 5769


I have a friend, Roee, who just sent me moving personal commentary of his own thinking about sin and atonement in the context of spending time with a Chinese immigrant family in San Francisco.
I am not going to post his piece — but it did remind me that Yom Kippur starts tonight. The conclusion of Yom Kippur tomorrow evening will end the period of atonement between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. . .and the year 5769 in the Hebrew calendar proceeds.
A “blessed” Yom Kippur to all.
— Steve Clemons
Update: I modified the post above to say a “blessed Yom Kippur” rather than a “happy” one — which would ring odd to many who are focused on atoning for sins they are considering. I have been told by a loyal reader who nicely reached out that this is a more solemn Jewish holiday. Thanks for the counsel — and all the best to those celebrating this holiday.


5 comments on “Salutations on Yom Kippur and a Great 5769

  1. Paul Norheim says:

    Sorry – I followed WigWag`s translation above – but yeah, this
    shows my ignorance…
    I`ll follow Steve this time, and wish you a blessed Yom Kippur.
    Peace and prosperity may be too much to wish for, but health –


  2. Linda says:

    Steve, Paul,
    “Happy” is OK for Rosh Hashonah (New Year) not Yom Kippur, i.e., Day of Atonement.
    Anyhow for New Year, wishes of health, peace, and prosperity are appropriate though the last two seem more far away this year.
    For the Jewish New Year it also is traditional to eat apples dipped in honey and honey cake and to wish others a Sweet New Year. And that works better for me this year.


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