Gamal Mubarak is Not Acting Like He is Out


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This piece was just published at The Palestine Note:

Steve Clemons calls on Gamal to make his intentions clear
Political power works like the stock market; influence is a function of future expectations. Hosni Mubarak’s days and tenure are numbered. There is no formula for an orderly transition to a new political regime in Egypt that can include him.
However, his son Gamal Mubarak — Deputy Secretary General of the National Democratic Party and head of the NDP Policy Committee as well as heir apparent until ten days ago to Hosni Mubarak — is out of the news, but still a vital figure in Egypt’s current drama.
Gamal Mubarak has not spoken, has refused to resign his position in the NDP — and is someone that many fear continues to wait in the wings until the current storm of protests subside. The younger Mubarak is viewed by most observers to be the mastermind who succeeded too well in a highly fraudulent December 2010 parliamentary election securing for the NDP 209 out of 221 seats in the country.
Much of the protests in Tahrir Square and throughout Egypt are about putting the Mubarak franchise out of business — and unless Gamal Mubarak removes himself from succession then the political marketplace of emotion, fear, and hope in Egypt will continue towards anarchy.
Gamal Mubarak needs to make clear his intentions — and the media and political class should call on him to do so.

— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “Gamal Mubarak is Not Acting Like He is Out

  1. JohnH says:

    Key question: who is Gamal’s constituency? Not the military. He never served. All previous presidents have been from the military.
    It appears that his chief backer was his father. Now that Hosni’s star is setting, Gamal’s is setting along with it.
    Gamal’s chief competition was Suleiman, who has been appointed VP. I read that as settling the succession issue, though Suleiman’s ascendancy is likely to be brief.
    So is there really any reason to talk about Gamal any more, except in the tabloids?


  2. Paul Norheim says:

    “21.28: President Mubarak’s son, Gamal, is not in London as
    has been reported, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague tells
    the BBC. “I have spoken to… Gamal on the telephone and
    said if it turns out that there was state-sponsored violence
    [in Cairo], that would be catastrophic for Egypt and for
    those who are in government now,” he adds.” (BBC)


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Perhaps Mubarak is reading the narratives of right wing ignoranuses,(stupid assholes).
    From “Tuesdays with Jason Mattera” 02.01.11
    Hey, you


  4. questions says:

    Poor kid. He’s losing his inheritance and it sucks.
    Maybe we can all pitch in a few bucks and get him that estate in Hawaii……
    I don’t think the Egyptian people want him around, though. And I think he should come to grips with this. Maybe a trip to a social worker who specializes in dealing with the offspring of dictators?


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