Interview with Egyptian Opposition Member Mustafa El-Gindy


Above is a fascinating and important interview conducted by New America Foundation President Steve Coll and the co-director of New America’s Middle East Task Force Amjad Atallah with Mustafa El-Gindy, a member of the Egypt’s opposition Wafd Party.
— Andrew Lebovich


2 comments on “Interview with Egyptian Opposition Member Mustafa El-Gindy

  1. Warren Metzler says:

    This is great. Finally we have people coming on the scene who recognize that all should be democracies, and not a few powers at the top dictating to the majority how to act. If Egypt becomes a democracy, and deals with Israel from a “we in Egypt have the right to insist you treat the Palestinians with dignity and justice”, that will bring a whole new dimension to the Middle East.
    Hallelujah! The times they are sure changing! A great time in history to be alive.


  2. samuelburke says:

    excellent observations made by Mustafa El-Gindy…the tide is
    rolling in…get on the right side of history.
    “we can not see our brother in palestine killed everyday in front of
    our eye and turn our head, no, this will not happen because in
    democracy these things do not happen, because in democracy
    values and ethics are very important, then maybe this will bring
    peace between the two nations if egypt stop sometime israel of
    doing mistakes.”


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