Frist May Call for New Cloture Vote on Bolton on Thursday


Senator Frist may call for another cloture vote on John Bolton on Thursday this week. Both sides are going to accuse the other of obstruction.
There are three evidence requests:

1. NSA intercepts and identities of U.S. officials redacted from the intercepts (there has been effort by Senators Biden and Dodd to avoid seeing intercepts if 36 “names of interest” are not listed in the material)
2. material related to planned 2003 Syria WMD testimony by John Bolton
3. information related to Matthew C. Freedman, a free-lance “management consultant” and lobbyist who worked part time and received a tax-payer funded, six-figure salary in Bolton’s office

Frist wants to make those seeking information from the White House seem like obstructionists — when it is the White House blocking everything.
Vote down cloture again. Again. And Again — until the White House concedes on Documents.
White House intransigence is keeping America from having an Ambassador to the United Nations.
More to come.
— Steve Clemons