Facebook Scam, Inauguration Wait, and Media Moments


Washington, DC is now in a pensive state — just waiting for the Inauguration festivities to finally, really arrive.
I’ve just finished telling a number of folks that I’m just out of beds for those who hoped to crash (for free) at my place.
So far, I’m lined up to go to a Human Rights Campaign reception, an Arab American Gala, a Rockefeller Foundation supported evening at the Kennedy Center with Wynton Marsalis and Sandra Day O’Connor, and will be dropping in on parties hosted by Google, Verizon, and the Canadian Ambassador Michael Wilson. I’ll be hanging out with some very cool Obama-watching journalists on the Mall when Springsteen is playing and will be visiting with the “Illinois Delegation” attending the Inauguration at an event hosted by British Ambassador to the US Nigel Sheinwald. And probably the best pre-Inaugural “Countdown Ball” is being hosted by Huffington Post. I’ll be there too.
The Washington Note has received credentials to TWO events during the Inaugural festivities — not the best we could have gotten — but hey, TWN is affirmed. We will be at:

1. Opening Ceremony at Lincoln Memorial
2. Swearing-In Ceremony on National Mall

We just learned that just about anything south of P Street, NW — which I realize means little to those who are reading this in Riyadh or Tel Aviv — will be a super control zone.
On other fronts, if you have a “weak” password on FACEBOOK, change it. A close friend of mine was just seriously scammed. His account was hacked into, and the person who did it pretended (as my friend) to be stranded and stuck in London without money and a passport after having been robbed. The hacker succeeded in getting $1000.00 from one of my friend’s acquaintances.
I’d have the FBI all over this scumbag — but that’s my friend’s business.
On other fronts, here are a few media moments that may interest some of you:

1. Financial Times comment on Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy
2. Guardian comment on Obama administration and Hamas
3. Bloomberg comment on Obama and his Ambassadorial appointments
4. Comments on Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC) on Afghanistan
5. Taylor Marsh calls Dana Priest and me out for suggesting that we might need to tunnel women out of Afghanistan (we are planning a blog-and-forth exchange on this in coming days)

Remember. . .toughen up your Facebook password.
— Steve Clemons


8 comments on “Facebook Scam, Inauguration Wait, and Media Moments

  1. Coach Factory Outlet says:

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  2. coffee says:

    wow that Facebook hacker sounds vicious; also remember to change your password occasionally


  3. MrMurder says:

    Facebook and Myspace have game apps for their use that are easily hacked, they consitute security risks in fundamental terms. Many friends play them from overseas, several in service.
    Several people I know have had photos and personal info taken in such ways.


  4. JohnH says:

    Another media moment: “The peace has been lost to Israel’s military victories” by Philip Stephens, translated from Hebrew and published originally in the December 4 issue of the New York Review of Books.
    The fundamental problem in my mind: Israel’s quest to crush all Palestinian aspirations beyond the shadow of any doubt. Zionists built their homeland on Jabotinsky’s premise “A voluntary agreement is just not possible. As long as the Arabs preserve a gleam of hope that they will succeed in getting rid of us, nothing in the world can cause them to relinquish this hope, precisely because they are not a rabble but a living people. And a living people will be ready to yield on such fateful issues only when they have given up all hope of getting rid of us.” –Jabotinsky.
    Only problem is that for Israel to succeed, they must always act unilaterally (isolation, invasion, concentration camps) as a way to force Palestinians into giving up all hope of living anything but a sub-human existence. Presumably Zionists’ aspirations could be met only if Palestinians voluntarily submitted themselves to eternal Israeli bondage, though even that might not stop Israeli aggression, since few would believe in the sincerity of such an offer.
    After 60 years, the Zionist path is bankrupt. Their repeated attempts to crush all Palestinian hope have collided with Palestians’ basic instinct for survival, their resilience and their reasonable aspirations for a human existence.
    Bankrupt though the Zionist path may be, they have nothing else, so they continue to pursue the failed path of trying to crush all Palestinian hope and defeat their basic survival instincts. As their frustration mounts, let’s all hope that Israel doesn’t proceed from trying to kill all Palestinian hope to simply killing all Palestinians. Increasingly, this does not look to be outside the realm of possibility.


  5. ... says:

    steve – thanks for the posts..
    poa – i would consider reaching out to the other side as a ‘change’.. perhaps it doesn’t amount to much other them pomp and ceremony, but if it is backed up with some substance within his administration i would consider that a very big change from the past 8 years of bush who showed no ability to reach out whatsoever..


  6. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Gee Steve, are you going to miss the party Obama is throwing for McCain on Coronation Eve? It is quite amazing seeing Obama reach out to the otherside while ignoring the promises of change that he campaigned on.
    The only “change” that Obama seems to be headed for is a willingness to embrace the other party and join them in their open disdain for the actual act of representing the will of the people.
    Gates, Ross, Clinton….. Ho hum. Does the posturing fraud think that we nominated him over Clinton because we wanted Clinton in a high leadership position?
    And you gotta love all the fanfare, hoopla, and expense this coronation represents, while Americans are losing jobs and homes at a record pace. These pieces of shit are gonna spend quite a few million on this circus, ship a few billion more to Israel, and turn right around and tell us we don’t have the money to buy books for our schools.
    Frankly, this kind of extravaganza is vulgar and demeaning,occurring right on the heels of these last eight years of criminal actions, war crimes, tortures, misery, and mayhem.
    Rome comes to mind, when I’m not musing over Israel’s current uncanny resemblance to Nazi Germany.
    Perhaps you will comment on the difference between marching Palestinian civilians into buildings that are subsequently bombed, and Hitler marching Jews into poisonous gas showers? For the life of me, I cannot see a difference. And in light of these events occurring with the full and enthusiastic support of our nation’s leaders, I fail to see any ethical, moral, or deserved justification for a national celebration. In truth, we should be in mourning, for the very essence of what we purport ourselves to be is dead on the vine.
    With the nation’s eyes glued to this obscene orgy of undeserved national celebration, who knows what international crimes can be perpetrated under the media radar? One can logically assume that both Bush and Israel will use this diversion to the advantage of their unsated bloodlust.


  7. Spunkmeyer says:

    The Facebook scam is a really sad situation… I’d also suggest
    people change their security setting to be that only their approved
    friends can see their profile information. If people you don’t know
    can’t see your information without your request, it can’t hurt.
    One has to wonder how many of these incidents occur on Facebook
    every day.


  8. Dan Kervick says:

    Did anybody else here get one of those goofy commemorative inauguration invitations from the Obama people, along with a brochure for ordering more commemorative inauguration crap? Jeesh. It’s like some of the marketing junk mail that comes from car dealerships.
    I know where I will be on inauguration day – working.


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