Escalating Tension in Ukraine


Here are my thoughts on the tense drama escalating in Kiev, Ukraine.  Appeared last night on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.


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  1. bob h says:

    We now hear that the new Crimean government is going to evict the Tatars from the lands they have been squatting on, their own land having been seized when they were evicted during WWII. There could well be a limit to how much abuse these people are going to take, and they might become receptive to radical influences, however peaceful they may be now.


  2. Mike says:

    Your point that Russia has been challenging the West could also be looked another way. That being from Russian point of view, the West has been challenging Russia. One can only imagine the U.S reaction if Russia were meddling in a Mexican or Canadian coup d’état. I’d also like to note that the United States and Europe are rarely concerned about the well being of the people in countries like Ukraine. American support for corrupt dictatorships is legendary. Western governments are only concerned about the ability of U.S. and European corporations to make money in these countries. Ordinary people are just pawns regardless of location. The Russians lost more men to war in the past 100 years that any other country in the world. They have a deep fear of western aggression regardless of how reasonable we think that fear is. In a nuclear age it is foolish and very dangerous to underestimate that paranoia. The Russians are serious about the Crimea and I hope the Obama administration acts with caution and wisdom.


  3. bob h says:

    Given their problems with the Chechens, why would the Russians want to forcibly incorporate another resentful Muslim minority, the Tartars, into Russia? A minority with a long history of mistreatment by them? The Tartars will not participate in the farce election, might well be radicalized by Russian moves, and could join with the Chechens in waging war on Russia.


  4. sameer says:

    nato simultaneously started regime change or destabilization programs from east to west in early 2011… north africa, syria, russia, venezuela and now ukraine.

    nato certainly has the talent to find traitors and fools everywhere, who can do their bidding. must admire that. they come in various types. chess players, pop singers, boxers, priests, businessmen, journalists, general wastrels…

    nato’s next stop… algeria, pakistan, north korea. and then the big prizes… russia and china.


    • sameer says:

      bob h,

      please understand that the chechen republic government within the russian nation is muslim too. so is vladimir putin’s beautiful lady friend or wife, alina kabayeva.

      please understand that the so-called “rebels” in chechnya are idiots brainwashed by gulf wahabbis and south asian deobandis, who themselves are creations of usa and britain respectively. deoband is a town in uttar pradesh state of india.

      please understand that these “rebels” in chechnya and dagestan are the same “rebels” in libya and syria.

      connnect the dots yourself.

  5. Mr.Murder says:

    Paul Krugman predicted the rise of nationalist fervor as the EU periphery faced economic trouble. But he’s a liberal economist. Who could have ever imagined?


    • John Fullerton says:

      Krugman is so prescient, yet so infuriating to the dunderheads in economics that he’s derided repeatedly by people who should know better but are too arrogant and prideful to listen.

  6. Jason says:

    Just a couple points:
    1. We haven’t seen Western assertiveness of this magnitude in Russia’s near abroad since the Orange and Rose Revolutions in both Ukraine and Georgia respectively. This is a direct shot at Vladimir Putin from the U.S. I think Moscow’s maneuvering in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE were the last straw.
    2. The rise of far right groups in Europe is worth watching. The success of these groups in Ukraine might embolden other such groups in Hungary, Switzerland, etc.


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