Drama in Iran Permeates All Discussions in DC


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(photo credit: David Bass)
International political consultant David Bass, CNN’s Edie Emery, Bloomberg’s uber connected PR diva Judith Czelusniak, Hollywood on the Potomac’s Janet Donovan, and Politico’s Mike Allen had a “recovery brunch” this morning in Georgetown following the pretty incredible MSNBC After Party festivities following the Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner with Barack Obama last night.
Despite the glitz and occasional fun of the dinner and the party, Iran’s convulsions were on everyone’s minds. The images of brave citizens fighting off police thugs cut through the frivolousness of DC banter. And while at brunch this morning, a group of marchers expressing support for Iran’s election protests made their way through Georgetown.
I have heard an as yet unconfirmed rumor that Christiane Amanpour will be hosting CNN’s Larry King Live tonight from London – and Amanpour has had some of the most informed material out there on the civil war among the elites — where this battle will be solved or crushed one way or another.
I will link Amanpour’s piece here — but encourage her tonight, if she does the show, to share a great more detail about who the primary inner circle players are and what their stance is now given Mousavi’s “preparation for martyrdom.”
— Steve Clemons


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