Discussing John Kerry’s Middle East Diplomacy


Thought I’d share this exchange I had yesterday afternoon with MSNBC anchor Ari Melber on Secretary of State John Kerry’s impressive diplomatic efforts between Israel and Palestine. We haven’t seen a Secretary of State put himself or herself on the line like this in a very long time.

His efforts deserve attention, and skeptics should think twice before dismissing the potential outcome here. In my view, Kerry is finally doing something the Obama team should have done in January 2009 — which is communicating the outlines of a potential deal and creating a track that allows both sides to potentially agree with the framework without suffering debilitating political backlash at home.

We’ll see how it goes.


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  1. Bob Whiteman says:

    Steve, per usual I completely agree with your views on Robert Menendez….we are really trying to help keep that bill from a vote. State needs to stop sending W. Sherman to testify and speak to him about this issue. She only makes him angry! But Ds have to secure Harry Reid on this and force him to use Rule 14, his own positions have waffled all over the place this fall, making a vote or not a vote more chaotic than an episode of the Perils of Pauline! Bxls is convinced passage of more sanctions, even with a successful, if narrow veto success will do significant if not permanent damage to the nuke negotiations. This is extremely dangers. This is not for publication. All the best. BW


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