But we are way oversubscribed! Always a good problem. I just sent the note below to the email list for the New America Foundation and wanted readers of TWN to see this as well.
We want you to attend — but just expect the place to be crowded, and bring a couple of cookies or a sandwich in case we run out of lunches.
If you missed the outline of the conference, click here.
But the rest of you who cannot attend, or want to be comfortable, watch the session live on C-Span 2, which can also be watched over the web at C-Span’s site.
Here is what New America’s email list received:
Dear Friends & Colleagues:
We have just heard from C-Span that our conference, “Al Qaeda 2.0: Transnational Terrorism After 9/11” will be shown live tomorrow — through the entire conference — from 8:15 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. EST on C-Span 2.
We have also had a huge surge in RSVPs today and yesterday and have more reservations than we have seats. These things tend to sort themselves out as some people come for part of the conference and leave; and others come later. There is a lot of standing room available along the walls as well. If you are patient with us — we will do our very best to try and accomodate all who show.
We will be meeting in the Caucus Room of the Russell Senate Office Building, SR-325, with the program (pasted below) starting sharply at 8:25 a.m. I have learned over the years that those who show early have no problem getting seats — but our staff and I will work diligently to make all of those who come later as comfortable as possible.
We would just like to prepare everyone who has been invited that we are over capacity and cannot promise seats to those who come late nor can we promise lunches to everyone who attends.
We have two hundred lunches ordered (boxed), and we’ll give out what we can — and will set aside even more sodas. But if you need to be sure, absolutely sure of calorie intake — or have a sugar fix, bring a cookie or sandwich with you.
We are going to have a great day. The line-up is extraordinary — and we are going to have active Q&A after each session — with moderators and speakers staying within pre-agreed time limits.
Whether you choose to attend tomorrow in person or watch live on C-Span 2, I hope you will find the collection of expertise on Al Qaeda and transnational terrorism interesting and thought-provoking.
We hope that this warning note does not deter your attendance (well, maybe just some of you….).
Steve Clemons
Sr. Fellow, New America Foundation
Publisher, The Washington Note