Clemons, Walt, Drezner & Rothkopf Respond to Paul Wolfowitz


paul wolfowitz steve clemons.jpg(photo of Paul Wolfowitz and Steve Clemons at Australian Prime Minister’s Official Residence in Sydney — Kirribilli House, 16 August 2009. When taken, Paul Wolfowitz remarked, “I don’t know whose reputation will take more of a hit for this picture — yours or mine. . .”
Paul Wolfowitz penned a provocative critique of foreign policy realism in this week’s Foreign Policy magazine.
Four responses to Wolfowitz were posted online last night in a series called “Is Paul Wolfowitz for Real?

Stephen Walt, “Just Because He Walks Like a Realist. . .
David J. Rothkopf, “A Neocon in Realist’s Clothing

Daniel W. Drezner
, “Capitalization Matters
Steve Clemons, “Failing to Note the Difference When the U.S. Power Tank Is Full or Near Empty

Look forward to hearing thoughts of others on this discussion.
I will be at Waldens Coffeehouse in Reno, Nevada this morning.
— Steve Clemons


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