Catch ABC’s “Nightline” Tonight: Focus on John Bolton and the Workplace


My problems with John Bolton are about serious “loose cannon” behavior in the realm of national security and foreign policy — but I have to admit that what has popularized John Bolton as a household name (well. . .almost) are questions about his treatment of people in the workplace.
Tonight, ABC’s Nightline will devote its show to John Bolton-style bosses in the workplace.
Here is the promo release:

Nightline — April 25, 2005
Who’s the Boss?
Since when has being a difficult boss been a disqualifier for a job? Well, we might be at that point right now with the president’s nominee for ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton. His nomination is stalled as allegations of his furious temper have emerged. The question is: If he is good at the job, does how he gets results really matter?
Most likely, we’ve all had a similar experience: working for a boss who wouldn’t exactly win accolades from Miss Manners. The world of work is filled with people who are brash, abrasive, mean and rude, but they still get results. So why shouldn’t John Bolton get the job? Well, his critics want to know if he is using an alleged bad temper to turn opinion, pressuring people to give him the results he wants on matters of intelligence that will impact policy.
Tonight, correspondent Jonathan Karl will take a look at who John Bolton is and the allegations against him. John Donvan will take a look at the ogre boss, so popular in movies and sitcoms. How prevalent are they in real life, and is there anything to be done about them? Chris Bury anchors tonight, and he’ll talk to two guests who know a thing or two about working in Washington and about personal interaction.
We’ll close the broadcast with a commentary from author and humorist Christopher Buckley, who has some sage words of advice for John Bolton should he make it to the United Nations.
It should be quite a packed show on a topic we can all relate to. We hope you’ll join us.
Madhulika Sikka and the Nightline staff
ABC News Washington D.C.

I have just spoken with Ted Koppel’s spokesperson and learned that special guests tonight include the New York TimesSheryl Gay Stolberg who has been writing very lucidly about John Bolton.
The other guest is Deborah Tannen, a Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University and author of Talking from 9 to 5: Women and Men at Work.
Even I am surprised that news on John Bolton seems to even be holding its own against news on the demise of John Paul II and the ascension of Pope Benedict XVI, and practically every other major story out there.
Everyone wants to talk about John Bolton. Enjoy the show.
— Steve Clemons