Linda Chavez Might Be Willing to Join in Wager Against Bill Richardson on John Bolton


Linda Chavez, if betting now, said she didn’t think Bolton was going to make it through confirmation.
This from a recent AFP report:

Linda Chavez, a former official in the Ronald Reagan and elder George Bush administrations, was even more pessimistic. “If I were betting now, I would bet that he’s not going to make it,” she said on CBS television.
“A lot of people are saying that this man has over the the course of some of his jobs displayed a temperament that is not doing him well now and that is not good for the UN,” said Chavez, whose own nomination to become labor secretary in the first George W. Bush administration failed over her alleged hiring of an illegal immigrant as a maid and nanny.
Bolton’s nomination hit new problems last week when it emerged that his ex-boss, former secretary of state Colin Powell, reportedly told lawmakers Bolton, currently under secretary of state for arms control and international security, had been a problematic official.
Powell’s former chief of staff has been quoted by the US press as saying Bolton would make an “abysmal ambassador.”

I see a good wager developing here between Linda Chavez and Bill Richardson, with the latter clearly opposing Bolton but also commenting that he thought he might squeak through.
Why does the White House want someone in the U.N. about whom there is so much indigestion and debate?
Even if confirmed, Bolton is damaged goods even before he takes his post.
— Steve Clemons