John Bolton and Pop Culture: “If You Don’t Do What I Want. . I’ll Have John Bolton Throw Something at You”


Anyone who reads my blog will know that I’m not very good at humor.
I attended an interesting meeting today and met Duncan Black who publishes one of the biggest-reach blogs, Eschaton, and noted that when people read his stuff, they get great one-liners. In my case, they get longish and longer essays mostly devoid of humor.
So, I need others to cook up the laughs. And here are two great entries.
The first is from Tom Toles, the brilliant political cartoonist at the Washington Post who shared this the other day. I just love it. Think of it when you watch Nightline‘s “Who’s the Boss?” show tonight on the life, times, and workplace behavior of John Bolton.
The other is a spoof of my Bolton coverage on my blog, The Washington Note.
It’s called “Bolton Fun with Emoticons.” It’s brilliant.
Enjoy. I’ll be back with more soon.
— Steve Clemons