Bye-Bye Bayh?


My phone is ringing off the hook.
Some top sources tell me that they buy Bahy’s denial. One high source tells me not to count the pro-life Virginia Governor Tim Kaine out. Another says Biden is still kicking. . .and two others tell me that there are two dark horses, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed.
I’m not endorsing Bayh and certainly not encouraging Obama to make a surprise announcement in Indiana. But what I am reporting is that the blogosphere is buzzing over this. Again, could all be head fakes.
I prefer Tom Daschle — who demonstrated his thorough understanding of the machinery of government as an active ‘executive’ running the Dem leadership in the Senate. Obama needs someone who can help run things, who understands the federal government and can help tune up the warped and distorted executive branch.
And as I’ve said before — my favorite choice would have been Chuck Hagel. That would have been the game-changing selection. But I’m assured from numerous sources that that is not going to happen. Jack Reed just might.
But if it is Evan Bayh announced tomorrow, there is going to be some dust kicked up.
Stay tuned.
— Steve Clemons


18 comments on “Bye-Bye Bayh?

  1. Kathleen says:

    Obama would have less reason to be afraid of Bill if Hillary is on the ticket..I noticed recently that Obama started using what I think was Hillary’s best line,,, that many folks are just one pay check away from disaster, falling through a trap door….is that partnership or plagiarism? Notice that while Obama is on vacation, Hillary is holding the fort, so to speak, making speeches on his behalf…
    Jack Reed is really gonna pull in the electoral votes, eh? The only thing Reed on the ticket is going to do is make a space for Patrick Kennedy to run for Senate in R.I. It could happen… Teddy often gets his way, or else.


  2. Tahoe Editor says:

    Obama’s campaign was founded on pegging Clinton as someone we can’t “believe in.” His success was predicated on painting The Clinton Years and The Bush Years with the same broad brush. Obama is too afraid of Bill. He’s even afraid of accepting the nomination before a convention crowd half made up of Clinton delegates, hence his flight to Mile High.


  3. Custom Valances says:

    Bayh seems like a likable person, but you have to think why not Clinton? Surely, her 18 million voters must account for something. Plus, she’s already got the name and she’s already been in the public’s eye during this race. Time is important now and introducing someone new may not be the best idea. But, whoever ends up supplementing to Obama’s ticket, I’m sure it will be a good decision. Obama’s campaign has got some pretty smart people.


  4. Tahoe Editor says:

    Richardson has women problems. Besides, picking a “Judas” as seen from the Clinton camp is no way to unite the party. Plus it looks like BO won’t need help with Hispanics, anyway.


  5. Mr.Murder says:

    Oops, S&P was @ 6 or so, market got back to 61 w/oil @ minus 71.
    That’s still a sneeze from a market perspective. It should have been a swim party or a day at the beach. Tsunami warning time approaches….


  6. Mr.Murder says:

    Damn spell check. This messed up my decision to place a lot Bayh orders on Wall St. before the market tanks once again.
    Don’t fool yourself, they are about as tight on regulation and oversight of oil reserves at this time as they are any other factor of the economy under Bushco.
    Today’s spike was a paper tiger. Someday soon the cost of our Babylonian invasion will weigh in. The Papyrus Tiger has roared.
    Thirty two points a few minutes ago, that’s chump change. Clinton used to go 20pts. a day with oil
    prices the same. Oil’s down a dollar and it’s at
    Sounds like people are holding their cards against the bluff….
    Karma wrecks havoc on the blog’s comment filter. It forced me to reset and the market is down to 6 points gain from 30 in the brief time it took me to post this.
    The tsunami is coming if you can’t get gains on a dollar drop in oil per barrel. That indicates long term systemic problems are at play.


  7. Mr.Murder says:

    “The downside is that he’s an insider and voted for the Iraq war.”
    B-b-b-b-but, this about CHANGE!
    What do you knwo, Obama changed.


  8. pt says:

    Daschle is a good pick. He will help steer legislation through the Hill and may have more influence as a VP than as a Chief of Staff. Obama knows, likes, and trusts him. Many of Daschle’s staff now work for Obama. And Daschle is popular inside the party. The downside is that he’s an insider and voted for the Iraq war.


  9. carsick says:

    You’re helping define a fantasy cabinet. We already have Hagel as Secretary of State.
    Obama first needs to get elected and I don’t see Daschle helping the ticket.
    I do see his knowledge and experience playing a great role as Chief of Staff.


  10. TB says:

    I thought Richardson already said he didn’t want the job … I cold be remembering that wrong.


  11. ed says:

    Clark has already shot himself in the foot, and Obama has “distanced” himself from that “distraction.”
    Clark didn’t shoot himself in the foot, feeble-minded Bob Schieffer and his enablers (Obama and John Kerry most certainly included) did that. Clark calmly made a reality-based observation. Hell, that’s even more reason to pick him–bring this to the fore. The ConWis is that it’s too late to pick Clark for this reason. Maybe, but I don’t think so. Why not, “Clark’s not perfect, neither am I, but we’re the best choice to lead this great nation…” or something to that effect?


  12. Jerry Stephens says:

    Has Gov. Bill Richardson (New Mexico) been ruled out of VP consideration? both Tom and Joe Biden


  13. Mr.Murder says:

    If you jhabn’t figured it out yet, Obama hitched his wagon to the idiots who brought you John Kerry ’04, and we see how well that ship sailed….


  14. Tahoe Editor says:

    Daschle is a complete schmuck, Biden less so. Clark has already shot himself in the foot, and Obama has “distanced” himself from that “distraction.”
    Clinton would be a smart choice, but Barry is too afraid of Bill.
    Bayh or any other non-idiot white dude — someone who “looks like all those other presidents on the dollar bills” — might do the trick.


  15. something Polish says:

    Obama’s running on change–about not being the typical Beltway Politician. Daschle is the opposite of that. Plus he’s a schmuck. Same with Biden. They both got Iraq horribly wrong to boot. Bayh brings nothing to the table. Kaine is pretty limp. Hagel is, I’m almost positive, a Republican (keep him around, talk him up for a cabinet post).
    Wes Clark ( is the best choice. By a longshot. One could make a case for Brian Schweitzer, but Clark is superior. He got Iraq right, is a Hillary guy, speaks truth to vacuous media villagers (Veep pit bull role), speaks Spanish, really does know how to win wars. On the down side, I guess he may be too thin.


  16. Mr.Murder says:

    Cleaning Clinton’s clock in primaries, you mean the woman who got the most primary votes ever and beat him a majority of primaries.
    Do Presidents get to count caucus votes on election day?


  17. Spunkmeyer says:

    I’m certain that Obama’s VP choice will be “establishment”, as he
    needs to now placate all the “establishment” Dems in Washington
    after cleaning the Clinton’s clock in the primaries. Many of the
    so-called Obama Cult members will be pissed, but that’ll pass…
    the system can only support so much change short of having a
    revolution on its hands.


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