Bush Gains a Point, Cheney Loses Two with North Korea Announcement


The U.S. will now remove North Korea from the state sponsors of terror list.
Vice President Cheney and John Bolton must have migraines today.
Congratulations to Condoleezza Rice and Assistant Secretary of State for Christopher Hill. This has been a shrewdly negotiated and tough uphill kind of agreement with the North Koreans — and the world may be safer for it.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “Bush Gains a Point, Cheney Loses Two with North Korea Announcement

  1. stevey says:

    When I wanted candy and was told no as a child I didn’t always take no quietly.I guess there were moments that I percieved injustice that,If I
    had one ,would have led to a limited thermonuclear exchange.That might have momentarily made me feel better.
    Then my mother would blow my trip by spanking me for my disobiedience.
    North Koria needs its mother.


  2. b says:

    Nice. I love it when you take a stand, Steve.


  3. Mr.Murder says:

    Told you that we wanted NK proliferation. We’re in on it, it will be covert, ever since Bechtel got in on the deal ww acted otherwise mad about it.
    This is our check to China, triangulation.
    Unfortunately, China is playing a new game.
    They can shoot down satellites. They don’t need a bunch of nukes because they can stop us from targeting much of anything.
    NASA’s been hiring them for subcontracting to do another boondoggle, claiming its own ability to do this with our older satellites.
    If you wanted go with influence, China’s done more to expand satellites states throughout Asia.
    The USA had better get in with Viet Nam too, we must employ containment on a major scale, we’re losing Iran on that avenue as well. Use countries around China with similar technology as a check to them.
    We lost war games simulations for CENTCOM with Iran and guess whose materials, tactics, and equipment they most used?


  4. kotzabasis says:

    Of course anything that appears to be against the two bete noires of the American intelligentsia, Vice President Cheney and John Bolton, is a celebratory occasion for opening the champagne corks. Congratulations to all those attending this fizzling occasion.


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