Boxing Day Pups


the three merry pups weimaraners twn.jpg
I have been pretty busy today and unable to post much — but after many emails after the holiday pup pics, I thought I’d share one other.
Oakley, Annie and Buddy send their greetings.
Very glad that there wasn’t a disaster in Detroit. I hope to address the issue of terror threats tomorrow.
— Steve Clemons


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  1. David says:

    You should see a dog no matter the level of intelligence chowing down in a cow pasture. Pasture pies has special meaning to dogs. That do might have been dumbs as dirt, cwolf, but it does not extrapolate to the breed. Cagiest dog I ever knew was a Weimeraner.


  2. Paul Norheim says:

    “And seriously, living in fear of tinyurl?”
    Certainly not Mac-users like 0utraged.
    I use both a Mac and a PC, depending on where I am.
    Right now I live in fear. No idea how this issue may affect the
    Safari browser, however, which I use on both machines most of the time.
    I have chosen not to care. I admit that I don`t trust in every word that
    Outraged is typing on her Mac, but I somehow trust that she`ll not hide a virus
    in one of her tinyurl links. Besides, life always contains certain risks.


  3. questions says:
    There do seem to be some security issues with tiny urls. Maybe it only comes up from the people who actually create the tiny url in the first place, so I’d merely have to trust the posters here, but since I don’t quite know, I just don’t bother with them. And I don’t really see any point in shortening a 3-line long url anyway. It’s not like this is twitter being read on a cellphone.
    And I definitely remember some issue with the archiving — tiny urls expire at some point, or something like that (I’m not a computer person), and so the link ends up being lost eventually.


  4. Outraged American says:

    A couple who sound like Bible thumpers said a man in front of
    them videoed the whole plane attack.
    Her daughter said that ahead of them was a man who videotaped
    the entire flight, including the attempted detonation.
    “He sat up and videotaped the entire thing, very calmly,” said
    Patricia. “We do know that the FBI is looking for him intensely.
    Since then, we’ve heard nothing about it.”
    whole article


  5. Outraged American says:

    Yippee! Now I’m not going to be the only law-abiding citizen
    strip searched at airports, we ALL are!
    Passengers to face full body search
    27 December 2009
    Security chiefs last night threw a ring of steel around every
    airport serving America – amid growing fears of a new al-Qaeda
    And experts warn all US-bound passengers could face full body
    searches in a bid to thwart future bomb outrages.
    Body-searches have already been introduced at Amsterdam’s
    Schiphol airport following a plea from American officials.
    whole article
    And seriously, living in fear of tinyurl?


  6. PissedOffAmerican says:

    BTW, OA, scroll down to the Christmas thread, and check out what a little digging uncovers in regards to this Yemen/terrorist charade.
    Its another parade of “coincidences”, all acting in collusion to support yet one more military adventure.


  7. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Steve have you thought about putting up an occassional photo and letting us put captions to it? Might be fun, and break up the heat that sometimes rises to the top of FP discussions.
    Hmmmm, Outraged, is it just a coincidence that I read your post, and now the CAPTCHA starts out with the letters PMS????


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Gads, the dog in the forefront looks like he’s thinking….
    “Jeez, I wish Steve’d brush his hair and put some pants on”


  9. Paul Norheim says:

    Good old Outraged is back…
    I hope you had a nice Christmas!


  10. Outraged American says:

    “Disaster in Detroit” *ROLLS EYES*-about the “turrurist” (TM
    George W. Dauphin) with the firecracker in his condom — I have
    long lived in fear of both firecrackers and condoms so I think a
    police state should be formed ASAP to take care of these sorts of
    Whoops — silly me — we already live in a police state! One that
    conveniently allows “radical Islamists” to board planes with
    firecrackers to ratchet-up the “threat level” while subjecting
    law-abiding citizens like myself to what amounts to strip
    searches and nude x-rays.
    Let me guess — wild guess — it’s time for a bill to fund
    Homeland Security / Israel’s war on Islam/ the Terrorism/
    Military Industrial complex.
    OMG, Paul just made a racist comment! My world is reeling with
    Next Paul will morph into Nadine and blow-up the Gaza Strip
    with one hand (the *good* one) while eviscerating what’s left of a
    sane US healthcare policy with his/her scalpel -wielding toes.
    And Steve, slap some collars on those dogs lest they manage to
    escape what appears to be your House of Horrors, at which point
    the authorities and the AKC will charge you with a clear case of
    in-breeding. Your dogs look like the canine version of the rubes
    Let me get this straight: you bred Annie with her son Oakley, so
    Buddy is both Annie’s son and grandson?
    Way too Chinatown-esque for me…


  11. Paul Norheim says:

    “How do you know which is which? (the dogs)”
    This is like asking a Chinese father: How do you know which is which (the kids)?
    They look the same for you, but I`m sure they don`t for Steve and his partner.


  12. hidflect says:

    How do you know which is which? (the dogs)
    And about that father who is a bigwig banker… the guy had the sense of civic duty to warn authorities about his own son. Something a lot of people wouldn’t do, so there’s one banker I can forgive. Not that it did a damn of good anyway even with him placed on a no-fly list, fer chrissakes. I can understand the delay and hassle of security but not if it doesn’t frikkin’ work at all!


  13. liz says:

    two puppy pictures in a week???
    I am truly in heaven!!
    About that terrorist incident, please consider the father is a banker bigwig, ( First Bank of Nigeria).
    The way I got this figured is, the bankers cause the terrorist incidents.
    All bailout, TARP and car manufacturer bail out money has a common denominator.
    Use SEC Edgar, Yahoo finance and cnn money to figure it out. It takes some work but the link is most assuredly there.


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