Bipartisan Foreign Policy Type? One of the Frustrated Many?


Christopher Preble, Director of Defense Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, just published this on the Partnership for a Secure America’s blog.
Preble and I are two of the three executive committee members of the Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy.
Chris Preble has organized a good forum at an awful time — 8 a.m. Saturday morning, Labor Day weekend — in which Preble, Michael Desch, Peter Feaver (now on the staff of the National Security Council), Seyom Brown and I will be addressing national security conceptualizations and what a bipartisan foreign policy might look like (in 30 years. . .just joking) at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association in Philadelphia.
Preble promises to publish notes from the session, but what he FAILS to say is that he has promised donuts to those who actually show up around the time the sun rises on a Phildelphia weekend morning.
— Steve Clemons


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  3. p.lukasiak says:

    On saturday, the sun rises in Philadelphia at 6:30 AM.
    More to the point, since I live in Philly, I actually considered showing up for this forum…. but from the looks of it, its closed to the rabble/general public. (which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me — one would assume that APSA would want to engage the public in serious discussions of political science issues….)


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  5. Matthew says:

    erichwwk: The problem with Mr. Williams’s article is it presupposes that we are in a fight for our survival, which is false. Instead, we are trying to maintain control of the ME–which is hardly analoguous to WWII. (The Empire can’t be underdog, you see.) Unlike Mr. Williams, “Western public opinion” has the decency and the sense to see the difference between WWII and the GWOT.


  6. erichwwk says:

    More on this later:
    Will the West defend itself?
    By Walter E. Williams
    Wednesday, August 23, 2006
    Steve, do you know Walter?


  7. Gordon says:

    Gordon Drennan
    What’s wrong with you George Negus ? SBS TV Australia
    Guests on Dateline have a right to put their view, but you have the responsibility to stop them if they tell lies. You harressed a Muslim a little while back when he put views you didn’t agree with. Then last night on comes a representive of the Jews and you let him tell lies. You said Dr Eran Lerman was from from the American Jewish Committee which you described as a “thinktank”. You only have to look at the AJC’s website to see what it says it is. A Jewish Lobby Group. He wasn’t an independent expert. He was a lobbyist. Someone who isn’t there to tell the truth, but to push one sides interests. Then you let him say “Israel has this war forced on us”. It would have only taken a little research to find that this is a war Israel has been preparing for for a year. Training the troops. Getting the OK from the US government. Telling the British government. They were just waiting for a pretext.
    What’s wrong with you George ?
    Are you just too biased, too unable to see the world from anything but the Jewish-American point of view? Don’t you do any research, not even the basic introduction to the subject?
    What’s wrong with you George ?


  8. Pissed Off American says:

    Simply amazing. At a time when great thinkers and true patriots should be screaming for the criminal indictments of an entire Presidential Administration, we are still seeing this kind of political mumbo jumbo horseshit.
    Save the voting process??? Naaaah, why worry?
    Lie us into a war??? Sure, heck, we’ll give ya a pass on that one.
    Torture??? Shit yes, guys, go for it. Goose one of dem der arabs for me, will ya? Use a Hum-Vee, ungreased.
    Pay “journalists” for false news stories??? Why not? I mean after all, its not like theres any GOOD news anyway, eh?
    Get to be Attorney General by committing perjury??? Well, NOBODY tells the truth AAAALL the time, riiiight??
    (Hey, I know, as soon as both parties crawl out of Israel’s ass, and pick the clusterbombs out of their beards, lets talk about the possibility of a “bi-partisan” formulated foreign policy!)
    Pigs DO fly. And the Monkey Boy satisfied his service committments, and Bill didn’t have sex with that woman.


  9. Carroll says:

    Bipartisan consensus is just another word for CYA.


  10. Den Valdron says:

    Bipartisan consensus my ass. This is the same bipartisan consensus that listened to the war hawks and thought this was going to be such a good idea.
    ‘We’ always said this would end in disaster. Disaster is here. The rest of you are just grovelling. One by one, you surrender to my pal, Mister Reality (first name is Fred, but you aren’t allowed to call him that).


  11. Draft Sachs says:

    I know this is not directly related to this discussion, but since you are speaking about “a Realistic Foreign Policy,” I thought it was important to point out that there is a new draft movement developing up to get Professor Jeffrey Sachs to run for president. The website for the campaign is
    It is time for a new set of priorities in America. Today, our country is in great need of true leadership and vision. We believe that professor Jeffrey D. Sachs of Columbia University is someone who can deliver. He is a man of great knowledge, experience and integrity. That is why we are working to convince him to run for president of the United States in 2008.
    Please check us out, and if you are interested, help.


  12. Bipartisan says:
    Does this panel agree there should be a bipartisan domestic consensus on the value of expertise?


  13. Carroll says:

    Thank you Preble!……
    “How well is our system of government prepared to deal with this state of affairs, in which the public opposes a major foreign policy initiative, but has little if any recourse for changing direction? Not well, it would seem, given that the prospects for fashioning a bipartisan foreign policy are often impeded by those on either side of the aisle who are focused first and foremost on scoring cheap political points for the next election. And there is always a next election.”
    But instead of saying..”How well is our system of government prepared to deal with this state of affairs”…..shouldn’t you make that thought more about what is wrong with our ”
    system” when politicans can get away with going against the public’s wishes and even their wellbeing for their own personal political gain?
    The system has to be changed so that politicans can’t put their personal political ambitions ahead of their “duty” to the public. That thinking has to go or they have to go.


  14. rapier says:

    There is bipartisan consensus for the proposition that the Iraq operation has been an unmitigated disaster, setting aside any differences on if it should have been undertaken at all. Not a universal opinion but one widely held except among strong Republican partisans.
    A consensus that the Iraq and Afgan invasions and the tilt towards Israel have strenghend the threat of terrorism.
    The result of this foreign policy consensus? The same as one hand clapping, nothing.


  15. vachon says:

    I caught the last 20 mintes of the talk given by Mr. Levy on CSPAN last night. Looked interesting and frustrating at the same time. As ususal, you did a great job.


  16. Reader says:

    Dean was right. Bush was wrong. The media were wrong. Real experts were right. Period.
    Dean was right after all
    August 24, 2006


  17. blogggit says:

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    Mr Kerr blamed the increase on the wash-up of the Tiananmen Square massacre,under which Labor granted 40,000 Chinese people refugee status.But Mr Ruddock said there rises in applications accross the board, and the percentage increase was as great in England.”
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