Balancing Respect for the Pope and the Politics of the Bolton Nomination


The big question that many of my like-minded friends who support American leadership in the world and who support American engagement in reforming the U.N. is whether it helps or hurts to postpone John Bolton’s hearings because of the Pope’s funeral in Rome.
There is a Senate delegation heading to Rome. What I have learned thus far is that of those on the Senate Foreign Relations Committe, Senators Biden, Kerry and Dodd are going to Rome. Senator Lugar is not.
Thus far, the hearing is “officially” still on.
Senator Lincoln Chafee has decided, as of late this afternoon, not to go. He is staying here. Give him a call, thank him for his principled, fair-minded and balanced leadership in the Senate, and share with his staff why John Bolton is antithetical to the spirit he brings to the Senate.
There are few things more important than you can do tomorrow than calling his office at (202) 224-2921.
— Steve Clemons