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For a few days, I have been doing some exploratory work on a book and needed to take a few days break from TWN to clear my mind.
I am off to Rome, Italy today. I will be blogging over the next couple of weeks — but so will a number of other of my colleagues who are going to pick up some of the slack while I’m traveling and on a partial vacation.
If you are in Rome during the next few days, I’ll be over walking up and down Palatine Hill — exploring all of the cool stuff that Anthony Everitt writes about.
More soon.
— Steve Clemons


4 comments on “Back to Rome

  1. Richmond says:

    Steve, when you need to cool off head over to the Capitoline Museum where there is air conditioning, a really tremendous view of the Forum and the Palatine Hill, and a nice cafe on the roof with a view of the city.
    Have a blast,


  2. dingoangst says:

    Away to clear your mind? Say Hi from me to Maria, I hear she’s nice.


  3. questions says:

    Mildly off the beaten track is a musical instruments museum I enjoyed. And though we didn’t get there, the map had a “pasta museum” listed. If you find it, please blog it as I’d love to know what it is!


  4. WigWag says:

    Anthony Everitt is fantastic. His biography of Cicero (that you recommended several months back) is a wonderful book that should be required reading for anyone who comments on issues pertinent to foreign policy and democracy. It should be especially required reading for people like Flynt Leverett who think that the possibility that Ahmadenejad may have actually received the most votes makes Iran a democracy or democratic enough. By the way, Everitt is hysterically funny (in that classic English way). It’s well worth looking up some audio interviews of him on the internet; they are quite entertaining.
    Travel safely and have some much deserved fun!


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