Alert: Democracy Now, KPFA, and General Anthony Zinni



Tomorrow at 8 am EST, I will be chatting with Democracy Now‘s Amy Goodman about the impact of Sunday’s Japanese national elections on US-Japan relations. At about 10 am EST, I will be talking yet again about Hatoyama, Aso, Ozawa, Okada and the other rising and falling Japanese political players on Berkeley’s listener-supported KPFA radio….

Americans Should Get Assurances on “Offshoring” in Citibank Bail-out



Here is a very quick clip of my views on the Citibank bail-out and the importance of realigning the interests of US-based multinational firms that take taxpayer money with the interests of America’s workers. This segment played on PRI’s The World which airs on National Public Radio affiliates around the country.

Bill Richardson, GM, Citibank: Where is the Bail-Out Debate on Offshoring Middle Class Jobs Overseas?



A bit more than a decade ago, I received a briefing at Sandia National Weapons Laboratories on a few of their private-public partnerships, or CRADAs (Cooperative Research and Development Agreements). Intel had a CRADA with Sandia and Los Alamos Labs on developing extreme ultra-violet lithography. Many other top tier firms did too.

G20 Should Focus on Solutions, Without Obama



Imagine your country is suffering from the worst financial crisis in nearly a century (as in the UK) or that your export market is collapsing along with the promise of prosperity you’ve made to hundreds of millions of peasants (as in China).

Applause for Obama’s Thoughtful Stand on Infrastructure Investment



The New America Foundation’s Sherle Schwenninger and industrialist and philanthropist Bernard Schwartz were out way ahead of the pack in calling for massive government commitment to infrastructure investment. Now this has become conventional wisdom of late.

Bartlesville Gas and the Downside of Dropping Prices at the Pump



I snapped this picture on Monday morning this week in Bartlesville, Oklahoma where I paid $2.09 a gallon for gas. Bartlesville is the original home base of Frank Phillips and Phillips 66 (now ConocoPhillips). This ought to worry everyone. We’ll be under $2.