The Barracuda


barracuda st.jpg
(photo credit: Kidd Madonny)
First of all, this is NOT a Rahm-related blog post.
This is a five foot long barracuda that I came within inches of swimming into with my hand a few days ago off of St. John’s Island in the Caribbean.
I stopped just in time, but the toothy fish might have done a job on me had I not stopped before ramming him, or her.
Internationally popular DJ Kidd Madonny snapped this picture. I appreciate very much his allowing me to post it — and look forward to eventually discussing barracudas with him in Amsterdam.
— Steve Clemons


15 comments on “The Barracuda

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  2. Josh says:

    I used to clean boats in Miami where there were plenty of barracudas. Scraping the barnacles and other sea life off the bottom of a boat in water is essentially like feeding all the fish nearby. I heard stories about two separate incidents where people doing my same job lost an arm to a barracuda. They’re usually not aggressive, but will react if they feel threatened. The person I worked for used to regularly take them out with a spear gun.


  3. Cee says:

    I watched them swarm the beach from the under water Post Office in St. Thomas.
    It was funny to see people heading to shore.


  4. ExBrit says:

    I was snorkeling close to shore in St. Thomas with my son when we spotted a barracuda about 20 feet away. We were headed straight for it – and it was just hanging there – watching and waiting. Very scary. We did a 180 and headed for shore like a couple of torpedoes. It must have been cartoonishly funny to watch, but the embarrassing part was yet to come. As I stood up I realized that the top part of my bikini had come off in the panicked retreat. Yep.


  5. Marc Larivière says:

    Is Barrak Obama,like your barrac-uda, a toothy fish that doesn’t bite, or a toothless one that cannot bite ? We wonder…


  6. Lucien says:

    Steve, If Congress passes – in one form or another
    – a health bill for Obama to sign, would this be a
    vindication for Rahm? Obama?
    My sense is that if Congress is indeed able to get
    something for Obama to sign, that it’d be a
    tremendous victory for Obama’s ability to
    influence congress and to get something done in
    the face of Republicans, whose only agenda for the
    last year has been to prevent Obama from
    accomplishing anything.
    But where will Rahm fit into this victory?


  7. Bart says:

    Similar to others, thirty-odd years ago while swimming alone off Isla Mujeres I ran into one of these, screamed under water and swam/dashed back onto the sand. There’s something scary about them.


  8. DonS says:

    Too bad the photographer couldn’t get the fish to smile for the camera. My first view of a couple of barracuda was many years ago off a dock in Guadaloupe; just hanging there in the water (side view), tail down (the fish). Quite a shock.


  9. PissedOffAmerican says:

    I hope you had a suit on. Barracuda are partial to lures.


  10. Dan Kervick says:

    All I see is a swimming plate of grilled barracuda with mango lime salsa, chez Washington Note.


  11. questions says:

    So let me get this straight, you’re in the Caribbean and you’re playing build-a-bomber on Pape’s website? Now THAT’S devotion!


  12. Paul Norheim says:

    Be careful Steve,
    unless you want Rahm to send you the former Miss Wasilla (aka
    “Sarah Barracuda”) in the mail.


  13. Patrick Foy says:

    I used to go to Key Largo’s underwater Pennekamp park quite a lot
    and would often run into a school of barracudas. Their teeth are
    formidable and scary. They give one pause, but you never hear
    about an attack.


  14. Carroll says:

    I ran into my first barracuda in Cozumel swimming from a boat at the docks. I was told later they hang around the pilings of the docks where smaller fish feed on scraps thrown from fishing boats. They don’t shy away from swimming right around you. I’ve never actually heard of anyone attacked by one though.


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