A View on 9/11


anchorage 9-11-2008 twn 500 pixel.jpg
(photo credit: Timothy Burger)
This photo was taken in Anchorage, Alaska on September 11th and sent in by journalist and “Suspicious Package” band member Timothy Burger.
Russia was not in sight that day.
For a slightly larger version of the photo click here.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “A View on 9/11

  1. Mr.Murder says:

    Colin Powell was in South America on 9-11 visiting OPEC states there, and the deposed King of Afghanistan was one of the major persons at the meetings.


  2. JohnH says:

    Another view of 911:
    American foreign policy at work in Chile…


  3. Bil says:

    Good question Dan,
    I want to know what the CHINESE, who now have the gold, are
    going to do. Are they going to be buying into every troubled
    financial services company TOMORROW morning like me now that
    the middle class won’t let them fail? Or profit from… very
    much…ouch. I love this country!


  4. Dan Kervick says:

    Steve, I’m interested in learning more about how the rest of the world views our financial crisis and the proposed solutions. What are your Japanese friends telling you?


  5. Bil says:

    Mavis, qualified yes gollum!
    And with a tin hat you can see Russia ANYWHERE on the intertubes.
    Ted Stevens, whose trial starts TOMORROW, will NOT be allowed a
    tinhat OR the intertubes where he is going. Ted had better start
    practicing the FROGWALK, perhaps Top Gun Duke Cunningham can
    start a class?


  6. Mavis says:

    I have only commented on TWN a few times (mostly things regarding dogs). Since I have only been interested in politics for about 7 years, I figured I wasn’t really savvy enough to post on a political blog.
    However, if Sarah Palin is VP material, I certainly have enough sense to comment on a blog.
    I didn’t realize that being able to see a foreign country from a distance qualified one to be the leader of a superpower.
    I can see my whole small Georgia town from my porch. The good folks in Rock City, TN can see 7 states. And if that’s not enough, out west at Fours Corners, you can touch New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah at the same time!
    I’ve been to all those places, I wonder if Sarah has?
    I’m going to be a regular TWN commenter from now on!


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