A Trivia Curveball


I had no idea my blogging experience would be helpful last night when I dropped by trivia at DC’s Wonderland Bar & Grill, but it was. The relevant question: “Steve Clemons, the publisher of the popular political blog The Washington Note, served as technical advisor to what film starring Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes?” I had no clue, by the way, but knowing what I know about Steve and movies, I managed to piece it together.
The bonus: “What role did Steve play in the film?” This one I missed altogether.
Answers are below the fold. Who knew?!
— Scott Paul

Answer: Rising Sun.
Bonus: Talk-show host.


One comment on “A Trivia Curveball

  1. JustJeff says:

    Always knew Steve would become a trivia question at some point, not that there’s anything wrong with that…now if he could just beat someone (me) at chess…


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