Sidebar: Political Stuff to Just Know About


Carl Bernstein book on Hillary Rodham Clinton slated for massive release in June. Could influence the primary environment.
Low key “Office of Special Counsellaunches highest profile investigation in its history. Promises to “leave no stone unturned” in investigation of U.S. attorney firings. According to the Los Angeles Times, “The new investigation, which will examine the firing of at least one U.S. attorney, missing White House e-mails, and White House efforts to keep presidential appointees attuned to Republican political priorities, could create a substantial new problem for the Bush White House.”
Mike Huckabee says Alberto Gonzales should go.
Read Barack Obama’s foreign policy manifesto. Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed and was hoping for better. More on that later.
Tragedy. David Halberstam killed in car accident. He was wearing his seat belt.
— Steve Clemons
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13 comments on “Sidebar: Political Stuff to Just Know About

  1. Carroll says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzz…..wake me when a candidate shows up who says we must adopt a netural policy on the ME and institute campaign finance reform in the US.


  2. Robert Morrow says:

    Obama is getting support from several big time hedge fund principals, Paul Tudor Jones, the latest:
    Obama is going to out raise Hillary the rest of the campaign, but she has some more money left in her Senate campaign as well as personal wealth from Bill’s speeches, as well as some stuff they looted from the White House when they left in Jan. 2001.


  3. Bill R. says:

    I would really like to know. Do you honestly think that the Bush administration is capable of investigating itself? Isn’t the DOJ so fully corrupted now that Bloch is going to do the emperor’s bidding and give Rove and the prez a good whitewash job? Is there any reason to believe that the highest levels of government haven’t been fully compromised?


  4. CheckingIn says:

    “? I didn’t know there was a Goverment in Jerusalem… what country’s capital is in Jerusalem.”
    Ouch! I missed THAT one! The Palestinians will see which side he is ‘definitely’ on…


  5. Robert Morrow says:
    Just go to to see how the Demo primary is shaping up. Right now it shows Hillary with a 45% chance of being the Demo nominee and Obama with 33%.
    Within a month or 2, Obama will be leading in a national poll. By Labor Day, Obama will be leading in all national polls. Combine that with his superior grassroots firepower and the fact that Obama is likely to outraise Hillary the rest of the campaign … and the result is things are not looking peachy for Nurse Ratched.
    Obama’s strength is built on love. The Clintons’ power has been built on fear and paying people to do stuff for them. Also, Hillary is having a hard time nailing down NY; Schumer hates her; Spitzer won’t endorse her, Rangel’s heart is with Obama. Compare with with Illinois where everyone is proud to be with Obama.
    The acid test will be blue collar voters. Obama already has the college hotties and the university crowd, the liberal bloggers and the folks on his side.
    Also, if Edwards wins a primary or 2, he has the message to go all the way. Another factor is Hillary is doing well NOW with black voters, the more Obama looks like a WINNER, it will be very hard for Hillary to keep these voters. I see them breaking Obama’s way in the last month. In fact, it already happening just read today’s NY Times.
    If Hillary can’t nail down NY, how in the world is she going to win CA, FLA, IL, MI, TX? She won’t. They all go for Obama. Hillary will win NY and NJ. Edwards should win Iowa. Obama should win NH. Obama is very likely to win South Carolina. And if he does that, it could put the nail in the coffin for the black vote for Hillary.
    Having said that, I see a very real possibility of a brokered convention in Denver for the Democrats. The Clintons will go fighting all the way, mainly because they have nothing else to do. Politics and the pursuit of power is their obession not living a good life.
    The Republican are praying for Hillary right now, and boy are they stupid. That is why you see folks like Bush, Rove, Rush, Delay, Haley Barbour, and Charles Grassley talk up Hillary and how she is sure to be the Demo nominee. Not!
    Obama will be hard to beat in a general election, probably another very close one.


  6. Carroll says:

    I don’t see a dime’s worth of difference between what Rosenburg is saying here (about what Wright said at the NAF)about the neo’s and what all the dem candidates are espousing except they sugar coat it with their usual foppy pander glitter. Unlike Rosenburg I see no indication that the dems are any different other than they think using condoms on their tounges makes them sound different than the rethugs.
    Robert Wright on the Neocons and the Thinking that Gave Us the Iraq War
    By M J Rosenburg
    Robert Wright of the New America Foundation has a terrific op-ed in the New York Times today on the warped thinking of the neoconservatives who turned Iraq into the gift (to us all) that will keep on giving.
    He takes off from a quote from the shameless Richard Perle which says that the reason the war failed is because we stayed around too long rather than hand the country over to the Iraqi people (i.e Chalabi).
    This is a variation on the other major neocon theme: the conception of the war was fine but that President Bush messed it up! (Loyalty is not the neocons’ strong suit).
    Wright: “On the one hand, we were going to bring democracy to Iraq. On the other hand, we were going to use Iraq as a platform for exercising military power. (Days after Baghdad fell, the neocon Weekly Standard festively titled an article “There’s No Place Like Iraq … for U.S. Military Bases.”)
    “But wait. What if the Iraqi people, once empowered by democracy, decided they didn’t want their country to be a U.S. aircraft carrier? And isn’t that pretty likely? After all, America is bound to use bases on behalf of itself and key allies, and one key ally is Israel. What were the chances this would sit well with an Arab Muslim nation — not with the small ruling class of an authoritarian state like Saudi Arabia (our previous aircraft carrier) but with a whole electorate?
    “Maybe if we had resolved with miraculous speed the tensions besetting Israel — from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iran — U.S. troops could have stayed in the Iraqis’ good graces. But neocons weren’t exactly pushing for dialogue on those fronts. They were going to let their new aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Iraq, do the talking. And surely Iraq’s majority Shiites would applaud the use of their soil to threaten Shiite Iran, right?
    “Meanwhile, neocons, and the Bush administration broadly, were endorsing the policies of Ariel Sharon, whose assertive policing of the occupied territories was proving counterproductive, helping to radicalize both Palestinian opinion and, via Al Jazeera, Muslim opinion globally.
    “You can empower people through democracy if you want. You can systematically antagonize them if you want. Doing both at once is ill advised.”
    This is a great piece.
    There are dozens of books on this war. I think I’ve read them all.
    And the one thing they all agree on is the role of the Perle-Feith gang in getting us into it. Wright’s piece is important because we need to understand the thinking of these people.
    As Wright points out, the neocons may have started with one only concern: Israel and securing the post-’67 occupation. (Not that Israelis agreed that toppling Hussein was good for Israel. On the contrary, they were afraid — and rightly — that eliminating Saddam would empower Iran and damage Israel’s security, which is precisely what happened).
    But now the whole world is their playground. Iran remains in their sights. As does Syria. But also North Korea. The neocons original manifesto stated that their aim was to “Secure the Realm” (i.e. Israel’s hold on the West Bank, etc). But now, confident that the occupation of the West Bank is pretty secure), they have so many other and bigger fish to fry.
    If the Republicans (especially if the nominee is John McCain) win the Presidency in ’08, they will be back with a vengeance. The good news is that with the Dems in charge of Congress, they are too busy worrying about subpoenas from Carl Levin and Henry Waxman to plan their next war and the one after that.


  7. Carroll says:

    I give the Obama bullshit an F
    “In an old building in Ukraine, I saw test tubes filled with anthrax and the plague lying virtually unlocked and unguarded – dangers we were told could only be secured with America’s help.”
    ? They don’t have any locks in the Ukraine. Gawd what an assine statement.
    “On a trip to the Middle East, I met Israelis and Palestinians who told me that peace remains a distant hope without the promise of American leadership.”
    ? And he is going to change the US support of Israel’s occupation so we can get to peace.
    “We must lead by building a 21st century military to ensure the security of our people and advance the security of all people. We must lead by marshalling a global effort to stop the spread of the world’s most dangerous weapons. We must lead by building and strengthening the partnerships and alliances necessary to meet our common challenges and defeat our common threats. ”
    ? The US and Israel are among the largest sellers of weapons, so how is he going to handle that.
    ” That is why my plan provides for an over-the-horizon force that could prevent chaos in the wider region, and allows for a limited number of troops to remain in Iraq to fight al Qaeda and other terrorists.”
    ? In other words we will remain in the ME as a mini occupier instead of maxi occupier.
    “Moreover, until we change our approach in Iraq, it will be increasingly difficult to refocus our efforts on the challenges in the wider region – on the conflict in the Middle East, where Hamas and Hezbollah feel emboldened and Israel’s prospects for a secure peace seem uncertain.”
    ? The usual. Everyone is a terrorist except Israel and the US.
    “Burdened by Iraq, our lackluster diplomatic efforts leave a huge void. Our interests are best served when people and governments from Jerusalem and Amman to Damascus and Tehran understand that America will stand with our friends, work hard to build a peaceful Middle East, and refuse to cede the future of the region to those who seek perpetual conflict and instability. ”
    ? I didn’t know there was a Goverment in Jerusalem… what country’s capital is in Jerusalem.
    “The third way America must lead again is by marshalling a global effort to meet a threat that rises above all others in urgency – securing, destroying, and stopping the spread of weapons of mass destruction.”
    ? O.K. which countries does that include, Israel, India Pakistan, China, Russia or just Iran.
    “We can do something about this. As President, I will lead a global effort to secure all nuclear weapons and material at vulnerable sites within four years – the most effective way to prevent terrorists from acquiring a bomb.”
    ? ALL every country..or just the ones not on our payroll.
    “As starting points, the world must prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and work to eliminate North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. ”
    ? Yada,yada,yada…Iran again…same old.
    “We must also dissuade other countries from joining the nuclear club. Just the other day, it was reported that nearly a dozen countries in and around the Middle East –including Syria and Saudi Arabia – are interested in pursuing nuclear power. ”
    ? How you gonna stop them…you gonna be King of the World like George & Neo, Inc.
    “Countries should not be able to build a weapons program under the auspices of developing peaceful nuclear power. ”
    ? Iran again. Is he giving this speech at AIPAC or where.
    I can’t go on, I don’t know who is writting his foreign policy or speeches but it is plain he is just repeating the usual drivel of whatever he has been told will sell and spewing the same old dem lite neo attitude under cover of some feel good US foreign aid billions throw in for effect and rah,rah.
    I still have no one to vote for on the dem side unless Clark enters. I am sick of the high flying gloss overs and worn out platitudes.


  8. bubba says:

    Gene, check out the discussion at and you may get a sense of where Bloch might stand.


  9. Gene says:

    I’m all for impeachment, just trying to figure where Bloch might stand, wondering if the investigation while help drive it forward or not.
    More fuel here though, I just read about Waxman going after the White House Security Office for failures to follow security procedures properly:
    Especially read this letter from Waxman’s office:
    West Wing is off limits? Leaving SCI documents in a foreign hotel room and taking cellphones into a SCIF? If heads don’t roll for that …


  10. bubba says:

    OSC investigation will no doubt be used to whitewash/provide cover for Rove. Give him a clean bill of health. Isn’t there some committee, within the US House of Representatives, that can investigate such things, something related to something called Impeachment?


  11. Gadfly says:

    eCAHNomics is probably right– it’s most likely a whitewash, like the 9/11 Commission and other “reviews” which come-up short when it’s so very clear that Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rove, (Rumsfeld) and Gonzales are criminals…
    However, you might want to read the L.A. Times article:,0,3535547.story?coll=la-home-headlines

    …””This is a big deal,” Paul C. Light, a New York University expert on the executive branch, said of Bloch’s plan. “It is a significant moment for the administration and Karl Rove. It speaks to the growing sense that there is a nexus at the White House that explains what’s going on in these disparate investigations.”…”…
    The fact that this is even being said in Washington D.C. means that the pressure-cooker is whistling-loud and that the cover might be blown-off of the neo-con Bushies criminal activities– despite their power and $$$!
    Remember Bush’s purchase of a vast 98,840-acre ranch in Paraguay???
    Perhaps he has had rooms built for Cheney, Rice, Rove & Gonzales… Hmmm…
    Just as many Nazis fled to South America after they were sought-out for prosecution for war crimes & crimes against humanity– one wonders what plans the neo-con Bushies have for the day when the world community holds them accountable for their war crimes & crimes against humanity.
    Don’t forget that the corrupt & incompetent Bush & his criminal cohorts are responsible for over 650,000 deaths of Iraqi civilians. Saddam Hussein is allegedly responsible for the deaths of 400,000 Iraqi civilians. Both cited “war” and “terror” as the reasons. Of course, the control of OIL was largely the real reason!


  12. eCAHNomics says:

    Bloch’s (laughingly-referred-to-as) investigation is a set up to whitewash Rove. Read thru the comments at the following site to see how bad Bloch is:


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