Bob Bennett Compares Embattled Wolfowitz to Duke Lacrosse Players


wolfowitz-int.jpgWorld Bank President Paul Wolfowitz has hired mega-lawyer and Bill Clinton’s legal counsel Bob Bennett to defend him against allegations of misconduct at the World Bank.
Here is the zinger quote from the New York Times article by Steven Weisman on Bennett and Wolfowitz:

“I am very worried about the rush to judgment,” Mr. Bennett said. “We just had a wonderful example of that in the Duke lacrosse case. I have reviewed the essential documents, and I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Mr. Wolfowitz exercised good faith and that everything he did was in the best interests of the bank.”

So now Wolfowitz has hired a flack to compare himself to the Duke lacrosse players?
This is just getting better by the day.
— Steve Clemons


18 comments on “Bob Bennett Compares Embattled Wolfowitz to Duke Lacrosse Players

  1. Eli Rabett says:

    1. Wolfowitz was already known to be “keeping company” with Shaha Ali Riza in early 2005.
    2. If he was doing so before he resigned from the DOD, he almost certainly brought home secret documents (and computer stuff a la John Deutsch) which were available to her
    That would be a major security violation


  2. David N says:

    Oh, if only Wolfie were the only traitor in this administration, what a wonderful world it would be.
    This, incidently, is why it was so important for the Bushies to subvert the justice system. They knew that when their crimes came to light (hard as the media was at work hiding them), they would need a cadre of tame prosecutors and judges to ignore and cover them up.
    We have already seen this at work in the Valerie Plame exposure case. Still, it remains true, that the only person to have spent a night in jail for this treason has been a syncophantic reporter. I will be the most shocked person in American if even Scooter ever goes to jail, and we know for a fact that no one else is even being considered to pay for their crimes.
    And that’s just one case. Even when President Obama allows prosecutors to proceed with their cases against these traitors, it will be attacked as a political move instead of upholding the law, and the lacky press will go along even then, for they know who writes their paychecks.
    The last President was impeached for an action that was created by the Republican machine, and wasn’t even an indictable crime. The many, many actual crimes of these people are simply ignored, as the vast, Right-wing hypocracy dominates our country.


  3. della Rovere says:

    at least the consistent bob Bennett continues his tiptoeing around the edges of outright racism. As with others he will misstep one of these days and the curtain will be drawn and the racist Bennett that lurks behind the act will come out for a bow. Only with America’s pathetic media could a phony like Bennett have a title of Mr. morality bestowed upon him.


  4. pauline says:

    April 23, 2007
    By Michael Collins Piper
    IT MADE THE NEWS when World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz was caught arranging a sweet deal for his mistress with World Bank funds, but the fact that Wolfowitz was once investigated for spying for a foreign government has kept under wraps by the mass media in America.
    Those who make it their business to know about the doings of intriguers such as the big man at the World Bank recognize that Wolfowitz is a traitor who once engaged in espionage on behalf of Israel–and got away with it.
    However, the much bigger scandal, dating back to 1978, has never been plastered across the front pages of newspapers or slavered over by grinning media personalities.
    While the employees of the World Bank are up in arms and have publicly hissed him and called for his ouster, Wolfowitz is still hanging on at the World Bank with the support of the Israel-controlled Bush administration.
    That many are reveling in the scandal surrounding Wolfowitz is not surprising. Not only is Wolfowitz a “neo-con” (that is, one of the famous neo-conservatives) but he is also, as brash commentator Maureen Dowd has noted, a “con”, in the classic sense of the word: a con-man, a crook, evidenced by his influencepeddling on behalf of his mistress. However, in addition, one might suggest, Wolfowitz should also be considered a “con” in another sense of the word: short for “convict”,as in prison convict, which is where Wolfowitz might have ended up if he had been charged with spying for Israel as some federal agents believe he is guilty of having done.
    For many years, Wolfowitz has engaged in dubious affairs on behalf of the interests of Israel. Like many others in his circle of friends and political associates, Wolfowitz, both in private life, as a well-paid academic between stints in government, and in government, most lately as number two man in the Defense Department under the unlamented Donald Rumsfeld, was a key player at the highest level in a relentless, wellfunded and carefully orchestrated campaign of lies and disinformation, acting in concert with Israeli intelligence and the Israeli lobby in America, to embroil the United States in the war against Iraq.
    Many call Wolfowitz a “war criminal”. At the very least, he’s a liar. But Wolfowitz, as we’ve seen, can also be pondered as a possible traitor, if then-ranking people in our FBI and the Justice Department were to be believed.
    Back in 1978, Wolfowitz was under investigation, as an official of the U.S. Arms Control & Disarmament Agency, for having passed a classified U.S. document to an Israeli government official.
    The purloined material related to the proposed sale of U.S. weapons to an Arab government, something always of concern to fanatic Israeli loyalists like Wolfowitz, who, although American born, has always placed Israel’s needs first and foremost in his policymaking ventures.
    Wolfowitz utilized the good offices of an operative of the pro-Israel lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, as the intermediary in handing over the stolen document to Wolfowitz’s friends in Israel (where, by the way, his sister lives).
    It is this same AIPAC that, even now, is in the midst of a nasty criminal spy scandal relating, once again, to the illegal acquisition of classified U.S. defense information. Two former top AIPAC officials will soon stand trial in federal court for their pro-Israel misdeeds. In any event, although Wolfowitz was never prosecuted for espionage, that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t evidence to indict him.
    Several long-time close Wolfowitz associates (all now-infamous “neo-conservative” armchair intriguers for Israel), ranging from Richard Perle to Stephen Bryen to Michael Ledeen to Douglas Feith, who served as Wolfowitz’s deputy in the Defense Department�have all been under FBI scrutiny at one time or another on suspicion of espionage on behalf of Israel.
    It often surprises many Americans, who hear in the media that Israel is such a great ally of the United States, to learn that there are good patriotic Americans in the FBI who don’t like the idea of American public officials, like the aforementioned neo-conservatives, passing classified defense material to this dubious ally.
    None of these neo-cons was ever indicted. However, in the case of Bryen, one dedicated federal prosecutor (who happened to be Jewish) pushed hard to indict Bryen, only to have the Israeli lobby put pressure on the Reagan administration to force the Justice Department (ruled by a series of notably corrupt and Israeli-influenced attorneys general during the Reagan years) to abandon the Bryen investigation.
    Forget about Wolfowitz and his mistress.
    Don’t forget about Wolfowitz and his spying for Israel.


  5. David N says:

    And for something completely different.
    I always miss the good stuff by that much.
    I was assigned to the embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1989. I arrived there, damnit, just months after Wolfowitz left. The ambassador for my three years was a career officer in his third tour of duty in Jakarta (first as Political Counselor, then as DCM, now as ambassador). He was fluent in Indonesian, had just been ambassador in KL, and was probably on his last assignment. Old habits die hard; he spent every minute there covering his ass and playing the bureaucratic game.
    Everyone who I met the first months I was there talked about how popular and admired Wolfowitz was. He and his wife Carol were always out and about, meeting people, making friends for America. He had three children at the American school, and the both of them always had time for school events. I envied those who had been there with such an ambassador.
    Who knew he was such a schmuck?
    Maybe he changed.
    Maybe it was the process of taking a mistress, and sacrificing every principle he ever had for her, and for his bosses in the neocon movement.
    All we know is, he is my first choice to be the director of the Bush library — in downtown Baghdad. No barriers or flack jackets allowed. Why should they be? McCain says it’s perfectly safe, after all. . .


  6. David N says:

    In the meantime, I’m hearing that Dennis Kucinic is starting a movement to “impeach Cheney first.”
    Where have we heard that before??????


  7. Sandy says:

    Oops. I said his “girlfriend”. I meant to say his MISTRESS.


  8. Sandy says:

    He’ll probably use his girlfriend’s connections to get him into SAIC and make a gazillion dollars….like they all do.
    See the Vanity Fair March 2007 article:
    Among SAIC’s subject-matter experts was Shaha Riza, an Arab feminist and communications adviser at the World Bank. Riza also happened to be the girlfriend of Paul Wolfowitz, the deputy secretary of defense.
    Piece of (yellow?) cake.


  9. marky says:

    If Wolfowitz hired a stripper with government money, he’d be fired, even if it was only $500.
    Instead, he’s hired his girlfriend at a minimum excess cost of $50,000, gotten her special perks.
    Of course he should be fired. This is not a criminal case. Republicans have to stop the criminalization of politics, but there are too few honest Republicans to make a difference.


  10. David N says:

    Not to defend anybody involved in either case, I think what Bennett was talking about was the way the media convict people without benefit of trial.
    And anybody who criticizes the media in this country has me at their back. The media, as may be clear by now, has abandoned their duty to this country and actively cooperates in the Bush effort to destroy our security, prosperity, and lives.
    The blowback from the White House Correspondent’s dinner includes the reason why a has-been like Rich Little was hired to do impressions of Dwight Eisenhower for crying out loud. They didn’t want a repeat of an intelligent, honest, incisive criticism a la Steven Colbert from last year.
    Colbert did not just expose the hypocracy of the White House; he exposed the hypocracy and general emptiness of the “working” press.
    Far be it from the White House Press Corps to tolerate anyone telling them the truth. They know to avoid that at all costs.
    Our duty is to try to find ways of taking away the power and money from both media blowhards and criminals like Wolfowitz. The only thing I can think of is to deny them attention. Do not buy their books. Do not buy their magazines. Do not visit their web sites. Ignore them, and their lies and bankrupt fantasies. See if we can find people — and each other is all we got up to now — to talk with who make sense.


  11. tomj says:

    Wow, so the Duke Lacrosse Players were innocent of a crime, but I would guess that they exercised very poor judgment in hiring a stripper. If you surround yourself with unsavory characters, you pretty much get what you deserve, and sometimes more.
    Okay, what they deserved was a proper investigation of the charges, and disgrace of their team. They risked more and got it from the D.A.
    But for Wolfowitz to be analogous to the whole incident, I guess the workers of the World Bank, the share holders, etc., they must be the D.A.! How nice, Bennett compares the outraged World Bank employees and owners to an out of control D.A.


  12. Carroll says:

    All I can do is agree with most everyone else who already said ” has he no shame”.
    If Wolfowitz isn’t fired everyone should pull their money from the WB and direct it to other European institutions. Another hit on the US.


  13. Linda says:

    Adding to David’s comment that is even more sad to contemplate as outcome for Wolfowitz, he probably also will end up on faculty, if not as Dean, of some prestigious university like Johns Hopkins where he was dean of SAIS from 1993-2001.
    It is worth noting that only two universities are among the 100 top federal contractors for DOD: Hopkins is #42, and MIT is #48.


  14. David N says:

    The comment to note in today’s WaPo story on this is Wolfowitz claiming to have dealt with the issue of staff morale by “talking to” senior managers.
    Talking to. This sums up the entire world view of the Bush administration and its enablers. They know everything. They have all wisdom. They only need to listen to God, and no one else. The idea of a conversation that includes listening to the views of others, learning new information, changing their minds, adapting to reality, all of that is simply beyond their comprehension.
    Wolfowitz is being hounded for a small failure when his failures are so much larger and more tragic for everyone else.
    And the real tragedy is that when he’s finally thrown out of a position he should never have been given, it is highly likely that everyone will consider that enough “punishment.” So his “punishment” will be a position in the Cato Institute or other propaganda organ for the corporate fascists, a seven-figure book deal, and the big bucks of the talk circuit.
    Just like all the rest. It’s getting hard to watch news and talk shows, because whenever a right-wing appoligist or admin spokeswhore appears, I switch channels. Or don’t watch at all. I am, in fact, considering cancelling the WaPo and abandoning the MSM entirely.
    It’s all lies. It’s all money. It’s all treason.


  15. Nicholas Weaver says:

    How about “Alpha Dog of the Week. No, make that Alpha Wolf.”
    Also, just think how attractive this makes Wolfowitz. Heck, even I’d do him for an $80k/year tax-free rasie and the easier security clearance .
    (I don’t know about you, but I would NOT want to be Libyan born, british citizen, with strong saudi connections, a mother in Libya, a father with strong ties to Saudi Arabia, and have to go through the clearance process. Getting that process eased ALONE would be enough to make it worth F@#)(*ing Wolfowitz.)


  16. Gadfly says:

    Wolfie is clearly dis-credited, and ergo, a desperate man. For he has no real skills- no substantive abilities- and, no track-record upon which he can rely in order to be employed by upright governments, institutions and/or organizations– and he knows it.
    Having been ousted from the Department of Defense for setting-up (a potentially illegal) “Office of Special Plans” used by himself, Douglas Feith, and other traitors to fabricate lies, deceptions & falsehoods to mis-lead us into the neo-cons’ illegal & immoral fiasco in Iraq– he was given (due to pressure by AIPAC) this plum-position at the World Bank.
    Wolfie has no respect amongst the staff at the World Bank or by world leaders. No respectable politician or philanthropist will have anything to do with Wolfie.
    It is my hope that investors will hold back funds and refuse to provide any support to the World Bank until they rid that institution of Wolfie.
    Wolfie is beginning to sound like O.J. Simpson who was never going to rest until he caught his wife’s killers… Wolfie is never going to stop until he eliminates corruption & cronyism… Of course, in both cases: the stench corruption, incompetence, and criminality remains on whatsoever they touch.
    O.J. published his sensational book to reap more $$$… What will Wolfie do if he loses his plum-position??? Maybe he’ll write a tell-all too… Hmmm…


  17. JHM says:

    Let’s have a contest to pick the best sound bite to defend Wolfowitz. I vote for “high tech lynching.”


  18. Punchy says:

    WaPo says he isn’t leaving. Simply incredible, the contempt the U.S. is showing to the WB. From what I’ve read, nearly the entire staff wants him gone. Many higher-ups have suggested that he resign. And yet, exactly like Gonzo, admist a huge, embarrassing, and nearly criminal scandal, he stays. One big middle finger to the rest of the world.
    Oh yeah, and claims to be the persecuted one. These guys have absolutely no shame whatsoever. What a collection of sick f#cks we have operating withing this gov’t…


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