EVENT TODAY: Pakistan’s Dangerous Turn


Patrick Doherty is the Deputy Director of the American Strategy Program at The New America Foundation, and the Director of our US-Cuba 21st Century Policy Initiative.
The New America Foundation and Terror Free Tomorrow will release the results of a Pakistani, pre-election public opinion poll today at New America at 12:15. Click here for more information.
I can’t go into the details of these latest polling results because of an embargo, but you can be the first to hear them TODAY at the New America Foundation. I can show a little ankle, however. The polls promise a major change in attitudes towards U.S. policy, a large shift of support across the Pakistani political spectrum, and unprecedented trends in U.S.-Pakistani perceptions and domestic instability. Initial word from colleagues in Pakistan is that this will send shockwaves through the country.
Come join me and my colleagues Peter Bergen, Nick Schmidle, along with Ken Ballen, the president of Terror Free Tomorrow this afternoon for the global release of the results.
–Patrick Doherty


5 comments on “EVENT TODAY: Pakistan’s Dangerous Turn

  1. Kathleen says:

    RabbleRouser… Right on!!! If we just paid a fair price for the oil we want to buy, it would be so much cheaper, and productive.
    My only way of conveying the “None of the Above'” choice is to vote for Nader, with whom I agree on issues.. some people think voting for an unaffiliated candidate, with what they call “no chance of winning”, is wasting your vote. I think voting for someone who does not represent your positions on important issues, is throwing away your vote.
    I’m only willing to support a candidate who puts defending our Constitution first and who is ehtical enough to enforce accountability of those in office, even though it could effect them at some point in time. Congress has become just another one of those self-regulating industries. Lawyers are reluctant, for the most part, to take on Attorney malpractice cases because if they win, it sets legal precdence that could effect them in the future. Let’s just say their heart isn’t into it. Same with Congress and impeachment now.
    I’m tuning out all the ‘punditry” and what passes for news. All of the enthusiasm I felt for the midterm elections and the momentum we had all gathered after winning a slight majority, has fizzled. thanks to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. I could not be more turned off to the whole process now. I’ll vote, but that’s all. they and this administration have made it clear that what we the people think is irrelevevant. Cheney isn’t the only one who says “So?” when told what we the people think. I can count the ones who care ona drunken butcher’s left hand.


  2. erichwwk says:

    Kudos to NAF for conducting this poll and kudos to Patrick for sharing/reporting it.
    I suspect this poll applies to a much broader population and seems to build on a much earlier effort by NAF that included Richard Vague
    A bonus for finding that link is that I discovered the NAF library on youtube


  3. RabbleRouser says:

    Obama’s threats to send troops into Pakistan is another reason
    I’m not voting for him. Yet again, we have two presidential
    candidates completely controlled by AIPAC.
    Even Jon Stewart, IMO neo-conservative lite, had to speak-out
    about Obama’s craven speech to AIPAC.
    Bergen annoyed the heck out of me in the run-up to Iraq.
    Claims that he was the last journalist to speak to Bin Laden are
    exaggerated, as I heard the last journalist to speak to Bin Laden,
    a Pakistani by the way, named Abid Jan, talk about his interview
    with Bin Laden (two weeks before the 9/11 attacks) on the radio.
    Abid Jan seemed way more credible than Bergen nattering on
    about “terror.”
    Terror would stop the minute we stop assaulting, or aiding
    Israel’s assaults, on primarily Muslim countries.
    Honestly, what beef does the U.S. have with Islam? If we left
    Muslims alone, and cut-off all aid to a true terrorist nation,
    Israel, they would leave us alone.
    Not to say that all Israelis are terrorists, but their government
    sure seems to be composed of people who match the definition
    of “terrorist”
    This is made even more frightening because Israel’s terror
    regime is funded by the U.S., and we got the blowback, and will
    continue to get the blowback with no benefit to ourselves.
    Negotiating for oil is much more cost-effective than seizing it.
    And seriously, Canada and Mexico are two of our three primary
    sources of oil– it would be much cheaper to invade them.
    Our troops could come home on the weekends, and I’ll bet
    Puerto Vallerta would be much more fun to occupy than Fallujah.
    Heck, it would also solve our enlistment problems — which hot-
    blooded young American male, or margarita-loving American
    female, would turn down a free to trip to Mexico?
    It would be better than spring break in Florida, and with the GI
    bill they’d get an education out of it too, after they wake-up
    from the hang-over.
    And given that Mexico’s army spends most of its time
    collaborating with meth dealers flooding the U.S. drug market,
    they might surrender without a shot fired.
    Same with Canukistan.
    Let’s put them both on the Axis of Evil post-haste and get back
    to enjoying those $4.50 gas prices!


  4. Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi says:

    The American hoax- projected perception about the nuclear threat from Pakistan has no warranted justification since the government, the military and the Pakistani nuclaer scientists all seem to have been responsible regarding the safety and security of Pakistan’s nuclear assests and above all, the Pakistani nuclear command and control system does have all prompt measures and contrivances regarding the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear programme.


  5. KinkyKathy says:

    Pakistan will never have transatlantic, radar-jamming nukes. They’ll never hurt the west. There is no existential threat, beyond inflation. I love you. Google Ron Paul.


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