John McCain Joins Mann, Clemons, Pickering and Barfield in Invasion of Ottawa


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I’m up in Ottawa today speaking for the Canadian government’s “Deputy Ministers’ Retreat” along with former Ambassador and Under Secretary of State Thomas Pickering, Brookings governance policy czar Thomas Mann, and AEI’s trade guru Claude Barfield.
But we quickly learned from local residents that we weren’t the only Washingtonians who had invaded and that John McCain is in Ottawa today as well speaking to the Economic Club of Toronto (though the event is here in Ottawa).
My hunch is that McCain is intending to signal that he’s not interested in re-opening NAFTA and positioning himself as the hyper-free trade globalist.
My hope is that in response, Barack Obama makes a compelling case that there is an economic strategy that drives the benefits of globalization and trade to the sectors of American society that have thus far been gut-punched by globalization. There is a principled “smart globalization strategy” that is neither protectionist nor manically neo-liberal. We need to have that debate, and Obama needs to become a proactive and articulate messenger for what ‘Smart Globalization’ could look like.
Just wanted to add this to the political notebook.
— Steve Clemons


10 comments on “John McCain Joins Mann, Clemons, Pickering and Barfield in Invasion of Ottawa

  1. DonS says:

    “Your Canadian readers want to know: what did you tell the deputy ministers?”
    So do the rest of us. (plus I’m a part time Canadian resident).
    Does it seem like a solid majority of Canadians are beginning to recognize how sick the US is, or are there a bunch of mini-Harpers still winning hearts and minds?


  2. Jacques Poitras says:

    Your Canadian readers want to know: what did you tell the deputy ministers?


  3. a2 says:

    As always, great post. I agree that Obama could really come forward on this issue. I believe that republicans tend to run economical circles around the democrats… However the RNC is no longer the economic champion party. This is the time for democrats to change the minds of America about their ability to lead globally on economic policy.


  4. Tahoe Editor says:

    “And if John McCain [blah blah blah blah blah], then I’m happy to have that debate.”
    Clarification: “I’m happy to have that theoretical ‘anywhere/anytime’ debate thing I do here in my Hopeâ„¢Change® rallies.”


  5. Mr.Murder says:

    Double the strategic petroleum reserve in partnership with our neighboring country.
    That would be what should take to any tabled discussions on furthering NAFTA in regards to our partners in Canada.


  6. Mr.Murder says:

    McCain’s visits to Canada are a necessary evil for his fundraising ability, due to his own failure to adhere procedure for filing certain items.
    That said, he’s having Lou Dobbs mad at him for his recent statements. Of course, Obama’s own statements aren’t any better, thankfully CNN is trying its best to shape it otherwise. They got the memo.
    You’ll see how fast his polls gain traction on the matter, since many show a recent spike in interest to McCain. This will be a force stabilizer and correct much of that trend.
    Barack hasn’t even mentioned John McCake’s celebrating with Dubya while NOLA drowned, one has the feeling he’d save that for a face to face debate. Oh, that’s right, he’s afraid of doing a town hall with McCain, for some reason.
    Of course, McCain could also parallel Iran’s own path to proliferation with that of Fidel Castro. Once armed with nuclear ability he may raise the stakes for dialog and offer few concessions. The Florida vote would immediately identify with a lot of that background discussion.
    Missed opportunities for both.


  7. Zathras says:

    I do not have now and do not expect ever to have a comment to make about Martha Stewart. Believe me, that’s a good thing.
    On topic, let me apologize right up front if my memory fails here. I don’t recall ever hearing anyone in the administration that negotiated NAFTA describe it as “hyper-free trade globalist.” Some other people did, including people who may or may not be eager to talk with our enemies but who know for certain they want to raise trade barriers against our friends.
    That is Barack Obama’s position. I understand it is not Steve Clemons’ position, but Clemons is not a candidate for President this year. I’d suggest he recognize the limited utility of projecting his own views onto a candidate who plainly does not share them. Sen. Obama has committed himself to move toward protectionism. Now, it may turn out to be “smart protectionism,” and it is always possible that he will change his position completely. He’s done it before.
    The fact is, though, that right now Obama favors renegotiating existing trade agreements and opposes new ones. You can call that protectionist or make up a new phrase to describe it, perhaps something like “smart globalization strategy.” It is what it is.


  8. PissedOffAmerican says:

    The more I think about the above, the more surreal it becomes. Martha Stewart? Banned from the UK?
    Cheney, Bush, Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Gonzales, Yoo, Zakhiem, Miller, Novak, Chalabi, all walking free, and greeted with open arms???
    Effin’ bizzarre. The world has gone topsy turvy.
    We live in a comic book.


  9. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Hmmmm. Another terrorist bites the dust. Odd, though. They’re still letting Cheney and Bush in???
    Martha Stewart refused entry to the UK
    Martha Stewart has been refused a visa to Britain because of her criminal convictions for obstructing justice, the Daily Telegraph has learned.


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