Al Kamen on Feith


I read this today and boy, it seemed familiar. . .
and then I remembered I posted this yesterday on Douglas Feith, Lawrence Wilkerson and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.
I’m sure it’s just coincidence. . .
— Steve Clemons


6 comments on “Al Kamen on Feith

  1. downtown says:

    RR 11:26AM
    You’re spot-on about Nadler. He’s one of those vexing “progressives” who most of the time are on the right side of the issue (from my perspective), but the moment it comes to Israel, he turns into a carbon copy of a neo-con. Unfortunately, so do all of NY’s delegates.


  2. RabbleRouser says:

    The correct link to the TIMES article about neo-cons apparent satisfaction that they will destroy the world to save Israel.


  3. RabbleRouser says:

    I thought Nadler was an outspoken supporter of Israel– wouldn’t he and Feith then be in perfect sync about destroying the U.S. and the world for Israel?
    Here’s a link from an L.A. TIMES article about the neo-cons figuring it was better to destroy the world in order to save it from the non-existent threat of Iran.
    I also thought it was just tragically comedic that “Curveball” is now working at a German Burger King. The neo-cons must pay their propagandists less than minimum wage, huh?
    IRAN: Stop nukes by bombing oil wells, neocons suggest
    Why attack Iran’s nuclear facilities when striking their oil infrastructure would be much more effective in the scope of a US-led preventive war?
    Sure, oil prices might skyrocket and the world economy might collapse. But, hey, that’s the price you pay for security.
    (article at link)


  4. Linda says:

    Somebody should buy that lunch with Feith and invite Nadler and the other panelists to join them dine in House of Representatives dining room and have C-Span film it.


  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Steve, their, (YPFP) “ticket page” at the website now has “Welcome Steve Clemons’ Readers” posted as a link to your comments of yesterday.
    BTW, no one there saw fit to answer my email. I guess they think its OK to lionize torturers, traitors, and instigators of genocide.
    Also, “WhatReallyHappened” linked to yesterday’s post by you, after my partner sent Micheal the link. So YPFP’s obscene event has received wide scale exposure. I hope their ticket sales are outdone by emails of protest. But I doubt it, for there is tittilation to be found rubbing shoulders with even the most evil of men. Sadly, nuturing that tittilation with such an event places the organizers in the same cesspool of immorality and inhumanity that the likes of Feith, Wlfowitz, and Perle swim in.


  6. Paul Norheim says:

    Familiar indeed; content & composition identical with your post.
    It reminds me of journalists in Norway writing about US affairs.
    These articles usually give me the same deja vu feeling – and
    then I remember a certain article i read a couple of days before in
    New York Times or Washington Post…


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