Obama’s Stock of Power Gets an Uptick



Recently, through no fault of the correspondent but unfortunately through context-removing snips by an editor, I was misquoted in the Wall Street Journal. Various conservatives then grabbed my comment to try and score a gotcha point against President Obama and his team.

History Says Mubarak Clan Likely to Return


Northwestern University’s Jeffrey Winters has just published at HuffPost a provocative, historically informed essay in which he outlines how those close to Suharto are now back in power in Indonesia; family members of Ferdinand Marcos are now back in government roles in the Philippines; and that most likely — at some point down the road…

Needing Egypt Less?


Amjad Atallah above in this Bloggingheads exchange with Robert Wright suggests that if Arab states and Israel had been able to deliver on a two-state outcome hatching a State of Palestine the US would not have to be so fearful of falling afoul of Mubarak and siding with protesters.

Comments on the Blog


Rules I have established for those commenting on this blog are being flagrantly violated. I am shutting down comments for a period of time. I am notifying a few commenters that they are banned. I will not tolerate ad hominem attacks on anyone and the regular escalations that take place here.

Egypt-US Relations: The Uncomfortable Hypothetical


When big shifts occur in the world, like the successful revolution (thus far) in Egypt, Americans like to race toward ideological frames that fit the moment and which should be applied to every nation in a similar circumstance, perhaps to Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Yemen, even Saudi Arabia.

It’s Time to Chart a New Course on Afghanistan



This “It’s Time” ad will be running on various CNN slots this week to push for reduction of forces in Afghanistan. The ad is more assertive and emotional than I am on these issues. I’m not a pacifist and there are times when war and the deployment of force are important, vital tools.

Tom Donilon Calls Out Iran’s Hypocrisy on Egypt and Itself



The statement below was just released by Obama National Security Advisor Tom Donilon regarding Iran blocking coverage of Egypt’s protests and its statements that it will not allow opposition protests inside Iran.