New Approach to Middle East Peace Required



My colleague Daniel Levy who directs the Middle East Task Force shared a useful line on Michele Kelemen‘s NPR show focusing on what now needs to be done regarding Israel-Palestine peace efforts. He said: It’s difficult to be a friend of Arab democracy if you are perceived to be an enemy of Palestinian freedom.

Some Thoughts on a Middle East in Transition


Last week Thursday I spoke at the Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations and thanks to the hospitality of the community, I had the opportunity to chat with Studio Tulsa‘s Rich Fisher, who hosts a thoughtful public affairs program at KWGS Public Radio Tulsa, a National Public Radio affiliate that reaches three states.

Gaddafi: Stop Killing Your Own People



Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has today released the statement below on Libya where things are getting worse. Here is the Libya twitter feed; the government is reportedly bombing citizens from the air in Tripoli and elsewhere. STATEMENT BY SECRETARY CLINTON Situation in Libya The world is watching the situation in Libya with alarm.

Chas Freeman: The Challenge of Asia



This is a guest note by Chas W. Freeman, Jr. This essay comprises Freeman’s remarks at the Camden Conference on February 17, 2011 in Camden, Maine. The Challenge of Asia The Greeks are to blame for many things. Not least of these is the somewhat preposterous idea of “Asia.

President Obama Should Appear on Al Jazeera



As I watch Al Jazeera and its reporting inspire and inform people across the Arabic world — and educate many English-speaking people who are stuck to their TVs, I think it becomes increasingly clear and obvious that Barack Obama has made a mistake not himself appearing on this network.

PBS News Hour Launches World Page


In the age of HuffPost, Talking Points Memo, Red State, Powerline, DailyKos, Foreign Policy (2.0), Daily Beast, Frum Forum and so on — it’s easy to forget that there are fantastic resource pages out there on what is happening around the world.