Will the Palestinians Just Go Ahead and Declare Statehood?



Kosovo did, and the U.S. immediately recognized it. Now, David Rothkopf has been hearing rumblings that the little-left-to-lose Palestinians may declare independence and the creation of their state, without necessarily having the state’s borders in their control. Rothkopf lays out a plausible scenario that Iran’s nuclear pretensions force the U.S.

Christopher Layne Weighs In On U.S. Relevance



(Photo Credit: White House Photostream) Almost exactly two years ago TWN Publisher Steve Clemons identified on this blog, “The Next Fault Line In Foreign Policy Combat: “The U.S. Matters” Vs. “No, It Really Doesn’t.” Clemons then posted alternative points of view from Princeton University Professor of Politics and International Affairs G.

Kissinger Skeptical Of The BRICs



(Photo Credit: Darthdowney’s Photostream) Former Secretary of State and Grand Strategist Par Excellence Henry Kissinger gave an interview to the Christian Science Monitor‘s Nathan Gardels earlier this week in which he provided a mostly positive assessment of President Obama’s foreign policy thus far.

Not a Smiths Song: Some National Security Advisers Matter More Than Others



General Jim Jones is an interesting kind of national security adviser. He doesn’t pretend to be an architect of strategic leaps like Zbigniew Brzezinski, Brent Scowcroft, or Henry Kissinger — who had to wrestle with a tense nuclear weapons-edged global Cold War with lots of abounding episodes of heat.

LIVE STREAM at 9:00 am: Eyal Press on Israel’s Holy Warriors



Bernard Schwartz Fellow Eyal Press has published an in depth look at the explosive issue of settler religious nationalism in Israel’s army in the current issue of the New York Review of Books. “The refuseniks making noise today come from Israel’s religious right, and they want to preserve the occupation, not end it,” he writes….

The Real Problem with “Lone Wolf” Terrorism



A rather unfortunately titled piece in today’s New York Times, “The Search for White Jihadists,” seeks to shed light on the growing problem of Al Qaeda seeking out seemingly non-traditional recruits in order to wage small-scale attacks on the United States. There are some pretty glaring problems with this article, but the following stood out….

Eugene Delgaudio’s Really Weird Rant: Beware the RADICAL Homosexuals



(Sterling, VA District Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio checking in with Senator Jeff Sessions) Eugene Delgaudio is the District Supervisor in Sterling, Virginia. This is — for certain — the craziest, most bizarre political letter I have ever read. And I have read a lot.