Guest Post by Anya Landau French: The Lesson of Eli


4031-1.jpgAnya Landau French directs the New America Foundation/U.S.-Cuba Policy Initiative. This post originally appeared at The Havana Note.
Today marks 10 years since federal agents stormed the Miami home of the Cuban American relatives of a five year-old Cuban boy named Eli


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  1. samuelburke says:

    being divisive is never advisable.
    freedom and respect for human rights are the pillars of a
    sustainable society. Law on it’s own needs the most regulating.
    “After Hillary Clinton


  2. David says:

    The rightful return of Elian to his father was such a no-brainer that one wonders if the opponents had fully functioning intellects. They did have fully functioning idiot ideologies, just as was the case for the opponents of the fulfillment of the wishes of Terry Schiavo’s husband, who was simply trying to fulfill Terry’s wishes. The spectacle of ruthless, ideologically misguided, self-righteous crap by the exploiters of this human tragedy still stands as a supreme embarrassment for me as a Floridian and an American.
    Bless the younger generations of Cuban-Americans in Miami for evolving in a geopolitically positive direction.
    JohnH, the Republican machine lives for nothing else (as do all political machines). It just takes duplicitious ruthlessness to new heights.


  3. JohnH says:

    The GOP is stridently self righteous in its support for family values–except when political advantage might be gained by tearing a child from his parents!


  4. Kathleen Grasso Andersen says:

    OT, but good news today from the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at its annual session this week in New York,…US Ambassador Susan Rice just announced that the US will be reviewing its opposition to the UN International Declaration o Indigenous Rights.
    Elian briefly shared a fate with many Native American children who were routinely kidnapped from their parents and put in BIA schools.
    I’ve been back at work on indigenous issues and will be working with the Pequot Museum, the State of Montana and the UN on a variey of educational programs.


  5. PissedOffAmerican says:

    It is truly sad and disconcerting seeing this blog express so much concern for the citizens of various nations caught up in international politics, while ignoring the plight of American citizens suffering the same fate.
    What type of despicable American exploits the trials of Elian Gonzalez and his family, or the death of Neda, to advance the political ideologies of special interest groups, while TOTALLY ignoring American citizens engaged in peaceful protest, shot down by the Israeli jackboots?


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