Give Joe Biden MVP Award This Week on Obama Foreign Policy Team



Richard Wolffe wrote in his Obama campaign memoir that the President sees most of his challenges in basketball metaphors and that he’s turned on by nail-biting contests when he, Barack Obama, can switch things up in the contest and come in to make the key decisions and plays that achieve a win.

Leo Hindery on America’s Jobs Quagmire



Watch the latest business video at Former AT&T Broadband CEO Leo Hindery outlines in this seven minute Fox Business clip the severity of America’s jobs crisis and throws some ideas on to the table on what the country could do — particularly when it comes to US government procurement and US domestic investment incentives….

Finally. . .Arturo Valenzuela Confirmed as Asst Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere



After a long, messy battle between Senator Jim DeMint and the Obama administration, Senator DeMint removed his holds on two key administration appointees whose nominations have been languishing pending the outcome over a battle involving the Honduras ouster of President Manuel Zelaya.