When You Wake Up Monday. . .



. . .you will see that the world has moved close to the financial brink again given the debt default by Dubai World. Some believe that Dubai’s confidence-jarring effort to reschedule its debt servicing may trigger a round of other sovereign debt defaults around the globe.

Pugnacious Netanyahu Pushes U.S. to Call for 1967 Borders



This is a guest note by Daniel Levy, who served as the lead Israeli drafter of the Geneva Initiative and directs the New America Foundation/Middle East Task Force. Pugnacious Netanyahu Pushes U.S. to Call for 1967 Borders Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced yesterday his cabinet’s decision, “To suspend new construction in Judea and Samaria.

Maureen Dowd’s Courageous Clarity on Obama White House



Maureen Dowd has somehow inspired an industry of folks who really dislike her work as an essayist. I ran into this when I wrote approvingly of an incredible Inauguration party she hosted at her home and which I attended. It was her “Star Spangled Inauguration Party”, and I wore a star spangled tie.

The Right Speech Barack Obama Won’t Give on Afghanistan



The White House Office of the Press Secretary A New Way Forward: The President’s Address to the American People on Afghan Strategy Oval Office For Immediate Release — December 2nd 8:01 P.M. EDT My fellow Americans, On March 28th, I outlined what I called a “comprehensive, new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.” It was ambitious….

Media Alert: Turkeys, Afghanistan and Copenhagen



Just a friendly head’s up that at 1:06 pm sharp, I’ll be chatting with the erudite Jerome McDonnell on Chicago Public Radio’s “Worldview.” Along with Brian Lehrer, Warren Olney, Diane Rehm, and a few others, Jerome is one of the best ideas wrestlers in serious radio journalism. The topic will be Afghanistan.