A Pre-Kitsch Contribution to Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch


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allee.jpgI haven’t seen songwriter and culture diva Allee Willis in about 15 years, though we remain Facebook friends. But I used to chat a lot with her at the fun pop scene soirees that tv and film producer and writer Darren Star would throw in West Hollywood — usually while Darren’s hyperactive puppy, Judy, was going wild in his house…and Allee and I were calming her.
For those who don’t know Allee, she has written a ton of the most popular songs jingling around in our heads — including “September” and “Boogie Wonderland” sung by Earth, Wind & Fire. Allee Willis also wrote “What Have I Done to Deserve This?” by the Pet Shop Boys. Here’s a fun roster of some of her zingers.
Allee has now opened her “Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch” and put out the call for folks to send in comments, notes, and photos of kitsch they run across.
Well, I’ll make the contribution of above and title this “pre-kitsch”, something that should be behind us — Sarah Palin as short term fad that 20 years from now, few will remember.
— Steve Clemons


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