BUSHLANDIA: America Through the Prism of Foreign Carnivals



(photo credit: Skip Kaltenheuser) A phenomenal photographer, gifted writer and loyal TWN reader, Skip Kaltenheuser, sent me this guest blog-ed (the blog side of an op-ed) today. I am printing it in full below — and let’s just say that we are very glad to have beat out the New York Times and Washington Post….

Cheney ‘Out and About’ Can be a Real Bitch: Voters Should Blame Clay Shaw and Peter Roskam



Air Force Two flew into Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport late this morning and just shut the ENTIRE airport down. Nothing could leave. Nothing could land. I was there, one of those stuck while our imperial and imperious Vice President and his team, shut down an entire airport.

High Fear Globalization: Miami & the Dubai Ports World Deal



The Dubai Ports World controversy has unfortunately demonstrated that the only bipartisanship out there right now is in matters of fear. Many leaders in both parties have condemned the deal that would turn over operations and management of several major U.S.

Russia is Back and That Can Be Good



There are numerous legitimate concerns about Russia’s slip back towards authoritarian-style governance, but at the same time, Russia turns out to be an increasingly important global player. On Iran, Russia has been diplomatically creative and courageous in the deals it has offered to relieve stress in a brewing Iran-U.S./Europe stand-off on Iran’s nuclear pretensions.

Picture of the Week: Little Brother is Watching



A loyal reader sent me this picture taken by his friend of Boston Mayor Tom Menino. First of all, the guns pointing at the Mayor are scary enough, but over his right shoulder, check out the billboard depicting President Bush’s eyes with the line “Little Brother is Watching”.