Cheney ‘Out and About’ Can be a Real Bitch: Voters Should Blame Clay Shaw and Peter Roskam


Air Force Two flew into Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport late this morning and just shut the ENTIRE airport down.
Nothing could leave. Nothing could land.
I was there, one of those stuck while our imperial and imperious Vice President and his team, shut down an entire airport.
Don’t we have enough military bases that Cheney can leave the private sector runways alone?
Cheney was stumping for Republican Congressman Clay Shaw who represents parts of Palm Beach and Broward Counties in Florida’s 22nd District. He is considered by National Journal to be the most vulnerable incumbent in Congress.”
CLAY SHAW everyone. Cheney was there shutting down the airport, the highways, making many miss connections, at huge cost to the private sector and to taxpayers on behalf of Rep. Clay Shaw.
Though challenger Ron Klein will no doubt get a bump out of Cheney’s travel-snares, there should be some restrictions barring the wannabe-but-not-quite president from disrupting normal life, particularly just to get to a fundraiser.
Cheney apparently flew into the Southwest Florida International Airport this evening as well and got traffic “roiled” there as well.
Cheney is doing a fundraiser for Peter Roskam on Monday, March 13th in Addison, Illinois. Roskam is trying to succeed retiring Republican House International Relations Committee Chairman Henry Hyde in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District.
While Schaumburg Regional Airport may be too small and insignificant an airport for someone of Vice President Cheney’s stature, it really is a nice place and would be easier on private travelers if Cheney flew through there.
The only near alternative is Chicago O’Hare.
I may have to be in Chicago on March 13th — and I am going to make sure that many of Roskam’s rich Elmhurst “potential” constituents know that he screwed up their travel day as Cheney’s train of pomp and circumstance ruins everyone’s Monday.
— Steve Clemons