<em>TWN</em> Travel Update


My schedule will not be my own, but wanted to give some updates on cities I will be in in case it is “easy” for bloggers and/or TWN readers to enjoy a cappuccino and politics chat.
Here goes:

March 8 New York (afternoon only)
March 9 Haifa
March 10 Haifa/Sea of Galilee/Northern Israel
March 11 Golan Heights/Jerusalem
March 12 Jerusalem
March 13 Jerusalem
March 14 Jericho/Ramallah
March 15 New York
March 16 Tulsa
March 17 Return to Washington, DC

I’ll be blogging through it all. And I’ll probably be sneaking out to places and meetings not on the above formal itinerary.
More later.
— Steve Clemons