Bush Support at 37%


We have two years and nine months left with our current President, and his administration is again wobbly.
Thus far, he seems to be falling in the polls because of his own actions and their consequences — not because of points the opposition has scored.
The President rallied somewhat between the period of the Scooter Libby indictment and the day of his State of the Union address, the morning of which conservative Samuel Alito was sworn in as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.
Bush is again off balance — and it’s important that advocates for a different policy course begin pushing hard now, constantly.
More later.
— Steve Clemons
Travel Update: I have spent the last couple of days traversing Israel, rural and city areas. I’m now in old Jerusalem and have spent the day talking to people from many different factions here. There is less cynicism here on the Israel side about Hamas than I expected. Sharon’s Kadima Party magic may have peaked too early. The Labor Party seems to be ascending again — as is Likud, though less robustly than Labor. More later on this. SCC