Burying the Hammer! A Good Day for American Democracy



Yes. . .Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and George W. Bush have had their starring roles in the subversion of our system of checks and balances that makes American democracy work — but they are all in the Executive Branch. Chief executives try to be monarchs; they can’t help it.

Bush’s Energy Plan: A Joke?



I can’t understand what the White House hoped to achieve with the President’s press conference today on America’s oil refinery problems in the Gulf. The President is right that we probably have too little refinery capacity fueling the U.S. market, but the “alternative fuels” strategy he is suggesting is ad hoc and isn’t serious.

How Many Vatican CARDINALS are Intrinsically Disordered?



Major hypocrisy at the top of the Vatican hierarchy. . . The effort to ban gay-conceptualizers rather than gay-actualizers from the Catholic priesthood is just outright hypocritical and a violation of the rights of those who want to work in established Catholocism as a priest.