We Wish Cheney Well on His Surgery, But Be Straight with the Folks in Pennsylvania


Yesterday TWN gave Vice President Cheney some credit for focusing on the aftermath of Katrina and the coming onslaught from Rita — while Karl Rove politicked at big fundraisers in North Dakota.
However, despite reporting to folks planning to attend a Santorum/Cheney fundraiser in Pennsylvania that Cheney had to postpone because of disaster coordination and relief, Cheney was actually readying himself for aneurism surgery — which can be very serious.
This is (still) not the Soviet Union. Elected leaders should not mimic former Politburo members and say that they are out doing work for the nation when they are really at home (or dacha) ill, or out of commission.
Despite my intense frustration with this administration over the Iraq War and Cheney’s recklessness that has damaged American prestige and position in the world, TWN wishes the Vice President well in this surgery.
But still. . .be straight with the American people, even would-be Republican donors.
— Steve Clemons