Bush’s Energy Plan: A Joke?


I can’t understand what the White House hoped to achieve with the President’s press conference today on America’s oil refinery problems in the Gulf.
The President is right that we probably have too little refinery capacity fueling the U.S. market, but the “alternative fuels” strategy he is suggesting is ad hoc and isn’t serious. He suggested that he feels strongly about “nuclear” as an option. And he said, that we all need to conserve gas.
What kind of national leadership is that? If he wants to put a comprehensive energy strategy on the table — that reaches beyond simple dependence on fossile fuels — then maybe nuclear energy is part of that package.
However, WHAT EXACTLY is the package of alternative fuel sources that his administration is willing to invest in?
He said nothing about that.
Until they get serious about America’s energy future, perhaps the President and VP could use a few fewer of those roaring black SUVs that race behind their limos all over Washington and elsewhere.
Conservation should start at home, Mr. President.
— Steve Clemons