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Apart from this, I haven’t posted at all recently, in part because I’ve been moving back to New York and into a new apartment. On the plus side, $2 for ten delicious dumplings, the world’s best pickles and world class soccer are right around the corner (my half-serious goal is to break into the floating Steve Nash/Claudio Reyna pickup game this summer). The big strikes against the new place are Williamsburg bridge traffic noise, carrying my furniture up six flights of stairs and outrageous New York City rent.
My plan is to occasionally post here throughout the year. Readers looking to contact me in the future should be able to get my e-mail through the NYU directory, but apparently I don’t exist as a student there just yet. That should change in the next week.
— Scott Paul
Additional Note: I strongly agree with Charles Brown here. Shame on Glenn Greenwald. I’ve worked with Morton Halperin for a few years and right or wrong, he’s no political mercenary. He’s a person with plenty of integrity and passion, and I have no reason to doubt the purity of his motives.


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  1. Jay C says:

    Scott, you should read through the comments to Charles Brown’s piece on Morton Halperin/Glenn greenwald/FISA – especially those where Greenwald responds – directly – to Brown’s criticisms. His point is simple: Morton Halperin professed opposition to the FISA revisions, then supported them: Greenwald’s criticism is based on that NOT whatever “character” issues you (and Charles Brown) seem to think. Morton Halperin may be the finest man on Earth- that’s not the point: it’s still not a shield against being raked over in the press for positions on public legislation.


  2. carsick says:

    Oops. My mistake. I was giving my take on Mark Halperin above. Not Mort, the father.


  3. carsick says:

    Generally, Halperin seems to want to be like Armbinder – reporting what’s what. But too often he lets out a “fact” that just isn’t true and he treats it as gospel. It’s laziness. He gets greater detail than others on some issues yet doesn’t seem to do some of the basic research a journalist is expected to do on others. Thus, he ends up repeating myths and infuriating readers. Oddly, he seems to do that generally in the same direction and not randomly.


  4. Arun says:

    Another thing to remember is that people can go downhill. Greater wisdom and courage are not the inevitable consequence of age. Halperin could be one such.


  5. jonst says:

    Halperin is a hack. And he is, in my opinion, a poster boy for what is wrong with the Village. His mentality is the mentality that allowed Bush to get away with what he did. And does. See Scott McClellan. And I’m glad Greenwald wrote what he did. It may have been harsh…but I think it fair, and long overdue. And get ready for Luke Russert….he’s up next.
    On this general subject, by the way, the Village media celebrities, there is an excellent and wickedly funny essay by Lewis Lapham, in this month’s Harpers. It focuses on the farce that accompanied Tim Russert’s death.


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