Michael Ledeen Leaves AEI


Laura Rozen has the scooplet of the week. She discovered that Michael Ledeen and the American Enterprise Institute have ended their relationship.
On the AEI site, Ledeen is listed as “Former Freedom Scholar.” But not to worry, Ledeed is a fully-fledged Freedom Scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.
I’m really surprised about this because I didn’t know top tier neocons could ever leave AEI. AEI has a diverse roster of scholars and thinkers, many of whom are not neoconservative-tilting at all, but at the same time — AEI is the home base for the neocon movement.
This reminds me of when Chalmers Johnson told me he was exasperated with the state-protecting blandness of the Council on Foreign Relations — so he decided to resign. After calling the CFR to cancel his membership, a person apparently told Chalmers that he couldn’t resign from the CFR. . .no one resigns from the Council. . . The person said that his membership was for life. And his response: “Consider me dead.”
Again, I’m really surprised that a leading neocon could ever leave AEI. . .
— Steve Clemons


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  1. Cheryl Biren-Wright says:

    From National Interest Online:
    Michael Ledeen and Reuel Marc Gerecht have departed AEI. Joshua Muravchik is on the way out as well. Other scholars face possible eviction.
    Word has it that Gerecht was becoming too hardcore of a neocon for even AEI.


  2. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Fox cuts off 12-year-old relating Georgian violenceDiane Sweet
    Published: Saturday August 16, 2008
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    A 12-year-old American girl and her aunt found themselves in the middle of a bombing in Georgia this week while on a vacation to visit family members.
    An ABC news affiliate reported, “Amanda Kokoeva likes to swim and hang out with friends in Walnut Creek, but what she went through just five days ago in South Ossetia shocked her and shook the world.”
    “On the 7th, we were in a cafe and then all of a sudden we heard a bunch of bombs going off and explosions and we got scared,” Kokoeva said.
    The ABC report continued, “Amanda was at the end of a month and a half long visit with relatives in South Ossetia when a battle broke out between Russia and Georgia. The fighting forced her to spend the night in her uncle’s basement.”
    “Through all this there’s explosions everywhere. It was really scary because I had never really heard these kinds of sounds in my life so loud and the whole sky would light up all the time,” said Amanda.
    ABC’s report added, “Her uncle survived, but thousands of others did not. Laura says she was thankful the Russian troops were there to protect the Ossetians.”
    During an interview on Fox News they were describing how Russian soldiers saved them from the Georgian attack, and helped them get to an airport in Moscow where they were able to fly back home, but the Fox news host abruptly cut them off after just two minutes of recounting the events to go to a commercial break. As they are being cut off, Amanda’s aunt says, “Yes, I know you do not want to hear this.”
    After returning from the commercial break, the Fox reporter gives Amanda’s aunt just 30 seconds to speak before saying “As we all know, there are always gray areas in war.”


  3. PissedOffAmerican says:

    “Was it an amicable parting?”
    If it was “amicable”, why leave?


  4. raff says:

    Does anyone have any idea why he left? Was it an amicable parting?


  5. Mr.Murder says:

    Ledeen deserves Den Haag war crimes prosecutions. So does his wife, who inserted false summaries to Congressional items dealing with prewar intelligence. So does his daughter, who helped embezzle nine billion in money that vanished from the IPA.
    AEI is party to this, they are co conspirators.
    Sanction the beltway. Hit them the only place they care, in the pocketbook.


  6. PissedOffAmerican says:

    Bear in mind that your average Fox News viewer ALWAYS thinks that Fox is “very fair”.
    Point of fact; Admitting you’re a Fox News viewer is a confession that you’re a few brain cells short of conscious.


  7. JohnH says:

    Glad to hear that Fox has some fairness in its bones. Frankly I assumed that they were their usual selves. But I did watch CNN early on–not extensively (I value my sanity)–and I was amazed at how ridiculous, trite, and clueless the coverage was. You would think they would value their good name enough to at least do a bit of research instead of simply reading talking points.


  8. will says:

    Steve, knowing what we know about think tanks, this is a
    facinating development. Obviously, there was a falling out
    somwhere which needs to be investigated. BTW JohnH I’ve been
    watching FoxNews for the past 5 days and I’d have to say that
    they’ve been very fair on Georgia. One reason might be because
    Saakavshili shut down one of their sister stations in Tblisi. Fair
    and balanced, only when someone pissed off Murdoch.


  9. John Dickerson says:

    My understanding is that the Italian government report on the forged Niger yellow-cake uranium letter finally came out in the unabridged version and mentioned Ledeen by name. At any rate, he seems to be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.


  10. reggie says:

    Now that Italy has finally gone “post-fascist” maybe Ledeen has had a higher calling?


  11. JohnH says:

    I watched AEI and then Brookings. What struck me was that everyone was reading off the same page. These “experts” had no original insights and were clearly all in message multiplier mode, reinforcing Bush, Fox and CNN.
    Of course, none of them were willing to mention the strategic issues that are involved–the BTC pipeline that is the only non-Russian route for Caspian oil and gas to the West. Why should the American people ever want to know that Bush proved incapable of defending a major oil distribution route? Could it be that the vaunted US military’s effort to run an oil protection service faced its first big challenge and proved itself impotent? How can Europe and Japan ever rely on Bush & Co. to provide energy security? Why should they continue to cast their lot with us?
    Of course, these blowhards had no idea why Georgia should be important to America, other than the fact that their breathless commentary was supposed to make it seem important.
    Though totally unwilling to talk about what’s really at stake, the “experts” were more than willing to provide “color,” most of which they had probably learned that morning by googling it. Lots of blather about historic ethnic tensions.
    And then there were all the attributions of motivation: wounded Russian pride, Russian ingratitude towards the West, but no mention that Georgia attacked first. And then lots of hyperventilating about how tough Washington will be. Bush might even deny Putin access to his privileged little club, so he won’t be seen any longer with the popular in-crowd. (Does Putin care?)
    All in all, it was a fascinating case study of the American proganda machine in hyperactive mode.


  12. PissedOffAmerican says:

    I watched the AEI “discussion” about this Georgian/Russian thing, and was appalled at the sheer insanity telegraphed by these wackjobs. The fat assed abomination Kagan was particularly macabre. As was this bald headed personage mediating, (name escapes me), who, after each contribution, assumed a pose befitting Obi Wan. In fact, most of the panel exhibited bizzarre and unnatural body language.
    These are some seriously dangerous and deranged people. Perhaps Ledeen had a lucid moment, and realized what the ressurrection of the cold war means, in all its horrible and apocalyptic ramifications. Because, make no mistake, these bastards won’t be happy until my grandkids are diving under their school desks to the sound of air raid sirens.
    One hopes Ledeen will have a McClellon like epiphany, and work towards sounding the warning about what these monsters are up to. But I doubt it, more likely, he’ll slither for his rock, shed some skin, and come out shiny, refreshed, and just as poisonous.


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