Seen Yesterday On a Handmade Sign in West Philly


Rosa had to sit so Martin could walk,
Martin had to walk so Barack could run,
Barack had to run so our children can fly.

I have little to add. Hopefully, President-elect Obama will select a team that can meet the promise of his inspirational campaign and thoughtful policies.
— Scott Paul
Note: I can’t post today without acknowledging deep disappointment in Florida, Arizona and (probably) California voters, who chose to write discrimination into their respective state constitutions. Government has no business defining family, religious and spiritual institutions this way. Hopefully we can move together to correct these embarrassing mistakes before long.


2 comments on “Seen Yesterday On a Handmade Sign in West Philly

  1. Arizona says:

    It looks like Obama is going to select Israel-firster Rahm Emanuel
    for his Chief-of-Staff. There goes world peace, and also our
    children, black, white or green, who will all be sacrificed for Israel’s
    insatiable blood lust.
    I found it telling that Israel launched its first air-strikes on
    benighted Gaza since June probably around the time Obama was
    declared the victor.
    I am more than embarrassed that so many people in this country
    and in my state oppose the idea that two people of the same sex
    who love each other cannot have the same legal rights as the rest
    of us.


  2. ... says:

    sometimes poetry communicates so well as it does here… – congrats to all those who voted and with the thought that hope will ultimately triumph over fear…


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