Media Alert: ABC 702 Sydney with Deborah Cameron


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Tonight. . .7:15 pm EST. . .(which is Wednesday morning Sydney time), I’ll be talking with the best morning radio talk show host in Sydney, Australia — Deborah Cameron. I do this every Tuesday night DC time.
The show streams here.
Next week, wearing my tux I’ll be weighing in on Cameron’s show from the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center.
— Steve Clemons


7 comments on “Media Alert: ABC 702 Sydney with Deborah Cameron

  1. political forum says:

    Awesome. Is the interview done over the internet or phone?


  2. Kathleen Grasso Andersen says:

    Why does it bother anyone if Steve discusses the events he is attending? I think it’s fun to hear about it. The Rainbow Room is so snazzy…I remember going there in the 60’s when my husband was a NYC disc jockey and we went to various openings and charity events. it was fun getting all dolled up….I can skip it now but once in a while it’s a trip.
    I’m going to watch the returns with my cousin, a dentist…if McPain wins, I’ll need novacaine for my brain.


  3. Steve Clemons says:

    LOL — well, OK, I’m going to have fun in the black tie affair.
    Thanks for outing me Tahoe.
    Linda…the rules of the evening are black tie. Will disclose the
    host later.
    Then going to a second gathering of more serious players at an
    apartment near the Metropolitan Museum of Art — small crowd,
    so will ditch black tie….
    and then am going to the home of a huge donor to Dems who
    refuses to watch the returns with lots of people and invited my
    partner and me if we wear pajamas — as he’s watched Gore and
    Kerry go down in flames in huge crowds. He just won’t do it
    But bottom line to all of this is that Tahoe is right. I’m not very
    good at playing the every man on election night. I’m going to be
    with some of the sizzlers in High Donor Dem circles and will
    blog about it.
    Don’t read the blog that night if you aren’t into it…
    more soon,


  4. Tahoe Editor says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: The only thing more tiresome than name & black-tie dropping is whining about it. Enough with the “blog the way I say” attitude.


  5. Linda says:

    Rainbow Room only requires a suit for dinner and dance night though one can wear a tux, and just a jacket and no jeans, sneakers, ot t-shirts.
    So who’s having a black tie election party at the Rainhow Room?


  6. Steve Clemons says:

    NWO….definitely. Not. I’m just up front about it. I have no choice but to wear it. But anyone you talk to will tell you that I hate duding it up.
    I just got back from Bartlesville, OK after all.
    best, steve


  7. NWO says:

    Wearing a tux? Come on Steve, enough with the “I’m so cool” kind of attitude. At one we all thought you were a reasonable voice; has all this blog stuff gone to your head, or should I say, your ruffled shirt?


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